Monthly Recap— September

Hey everyone!! How's things going? Hope everyone had an amazing september cause sadly it ended in a blink. It was an eventful and stressful month but I still can't believe we getting closer to the end of the year T^T School Honestly, I was stressed about school even before it started. I wasn't even ready, … Continue reading Monthly Recap— September


Monthly Recap— August

Heyy everyone!! How's things going? How did august end so quickly like this? And again, where did time go? Now let's hop into my monthly recap!! Life August was an eventful month and woahh it passed so quickly, especially the week before school. I made sure to complete my bucket list and have fun mostly. … Continue reading Monthly Recap— August

November’s Wrapper

Heyyy everyone!!! I hope y'all are having a great day like me. This might be a little bit odd and late as well. But anyways, November was filled with many challenges and events that can't be forgettable. So now let's hop into the post!! School Most events actually happened at school so I'll be putting … Continue reading November’s Wrapper