The Mystery Blogger Award

Heyy everyone! How's thing going? It feels so long since I got nominated for a tag. Plus, I wanted to complete this quickly because I don't have anything else to post. If you're wondering why I'm disappearing a lot, it's because I'm trying to focus on my studies since it's getting closer to the end … Continue reading The Mystery Blogger Award

The Liebster Award

Heyy everyone! Hope everyone is having a great time! Today, I'm back with a tag! I was beyond happy to know that I was nominated by Kari to do this tag. It means so so much to me ❤ What is the Liebster Award? This award is handed down by other bloggers to help promote … Continue reading The Liebster Award

13 reasons why not to tag!

I think writing this is really a great idea and it would be nice to share "13 reasons why I keep going". Before starting, I'd like to mention that I was nominated by Crystal Girl. I think it's really sweet of you and thanks for that! The Rules :- Mention the person who nominated you. … Continue reading 13 reasons why not to tag!