Monthly Recap— November

My second favourite month of the year is over!Heyy everyone! I don't know if you noticed but I've been so so inconsistent with my blog this month. Well, not just my blog, I've been so inactive about everything else in my life. I couldn't even bring myself to study, I blame this cool weather for … Continue reading Monthly Recap— November

Back to school tips ft. autumn girl

Heyy everyone!! School is gonna start soon or have already started (for people like me). How on earth did the vacation end so quickly?! Anyway, today I'm back with a collab with autumn girl!! You should go check out her blog and her post eventually! You should read her posts cause they're just cool. This … Continue reading Back to school tips ft. autumn girl

My current struggles | exams >.<

Hey there everyone! I hope everyone is having an amazing weekend. I think all of you noticed that I'm rarely active in the blogosphere, first because of school and second, is because I don't know how to get back to blogging like before. It seems, that I don't post about my day anymore, so guess … Continue reading My current struggles | exams >.<

Get over stress!

I'm sorry guys I know it's been a long time since I posted a blog. To be honest I didn't have anything in my mind and I couldn't concentrate on writing. But the only reason why I couldn't concentrate is because of this stress I've been through mainly because of thinking about school, studies,.. and … Continue reading Get over stress!