5 tips to stay awake in the morning

Heyy everyone!! Hope everyone is having a great time. I've drafted a lot of these ‘5 tips’ posts since last month and totally abandoned them. Anyway, these tips are for students, like me, who sleeps late and struggles to wake up every morning. And before we jump into this post, I'd like to let you … Continue reading 5 tips to stay awake in the morning

My coffee recipe!

My coffee is not really something special but I thought it'd be fun if I shared my coffee recipe. I'm sure the ingredients are simple and can be found in your kitchen. Ingredients :- Coffee (obviously) Sugar (if needed) Coffee mate or Vanilla Ice cream Ice cubes Method :- Add one teaspoon of coffee and … Continue reading My coffee recipe!

hiddenzzz’s weekly diary #2

Since it's the second week of my summer break, I've finally decided to write about my summer break and my future plans. And I just want let you guys know that I changed my profile pic. Hope you enjoy this post. My Morning Routine When I wake up in the morning, the first thing I … Continue reading hiddenzzz’s weekly diary #2