Monthly recap— March

Heyy everyone!! Did y'all feel that March was like the longest month of the year or is it just me? God, I was glad March lasted for so long unlike the last two months. I guess I feel like this because of staying in quarantine. Anyway, let's jump into the post!! School & Life As … Continue reading Monthly recap— March

hiddenzzz’s weekly diary #4

Heyy everyone!! I'm back again! I thought of writing a weekly diary cause I found that anything I do can be interesting when I'm stuck home. Honestly, I start to enjoy spending time at home with my family. Weather Change I thought it's spring already but the weather here doesn't say that. It rained for … Continue reading hiddenzzz’s weekly diary #4

10 things to do when you’re bored (#2)

Heyoo everyone!! How's thing going? I can't believe I haven't posted or (even written) anything for one whole week. Okay, I wasn't away because of my exams since it ended early last week because of coronavirus precautions. That means, my school (and all schools in UAE) is closed and our spring break had already started!! … Continue reading 10 things to do when you’re bored (#2)