#20 things to-do to stay positive

Heyy everyone!! How's life? I know this situation is a bit stressful and news around the world are not pleasant. But I want you guys to look at the bright side and be thankful that you are safe wherever you are. Anyway, in this post I'd like to share things I do that makes me … Continue reading #20 things to-do to stay positive

Outfit ideas | winter edition

Heyyyyy everyone!! (I love adding ‘y’s that way you can know how excited I am) What's up? If you didn't know, Pinterest is my favorite site for inspiration. I can spend hours and hours there without getting bored. I had a whole board for outfit inspo so I thought of getting ideas out of it. … Continue reading Outfit ideas | winter edition

My favorite apps | why do I love them?

Hey there everyone! I hope y'all are having a great weekend (or well, a great Friday) like me. Anyways, I've found out that I have a lot of apps in my phone more than games, so I thought of sharing why do I love these apps and how do I use them. Before we get … Continue reading My favorite apps | why do I love them?

My summer bucket list 2018

So at last, I'm gonna share my summer bucket list for this year. My Summer Bucket list Read at least 3 new books Learn Japanese language Start a bullet journal Re-activate my tumblr account Try new coffee recipes Have a picnic Eat in a restaurant with my family Watch Hunger Games movies Try new clothing … Continue reading My summer bucket list 2018

My coffee recipe!

My coffee is not really something special but I thought it'd be fun if I shared my coffee recipe. I'm sure the ingredients are simple and can be found in your kitchen. Ingredients :- Coffee (obviously) Sugar (if needed) Coffee mate or Vanilla Ice cream Ice cubes Method :- Add one teaspoon of coffee and … Continue reading My coffee recipe!