4 things to do on Eid this year (quarantine edition)

Hey everyone!! Today was the last day of ramadan 😭 I can't believe it's already over. I haven't appreciated this day as I was supposed to. But I thank the Almighty for all the blessings. Tomorrow is gonna be the first day of Eid here and in many other countries. But this year, Eid is … Continue reading 4 things to do on Eid this year (quarantine edition)

My Eid haul .:*☆

Hey there everyone!! I was pretty busy today cause we had a huge clean up after eid. We had to help each other cleaning up the whole house till it was clean enough to satisfy my mom. So, here is the eid haul I've wanted to post before eid but ended up posting it after … Continue reading My Eid haul .:*☆

Ramadan Diary #3

As I said I'm gonna post a blog today and well this blog is a special one. So far I did only three ramadan diaries and that didn't seem enough. I mean, Ramadan has 29 days and I posted only 3 ramadan blogs. Kinda disappointing though. So if you didn't know, today is the last … Continue reading Ramadan Diary #3