#20 things to-do to stay positive

Heyy everyone!! How's life? I know this situation is a bit stressful and news around the world are not pleasant. But I want you guys to look at the bright side and be thankful that you are safe wherever you are. Anyway, in this post I'd like to share things I do that makes me … Continue reading #20 things to-do to stay positive

My current routine | spring break

Heyy everyone! How's things going? I hope everyone is having a great time (even if it's just at home) So today, I thought of sharing my routine for this long holiday. Before starting, I don't have a regular morning or night routine. This is just what I do everyday. Before jumping into the post, I … Continue reading My current routine | spring break

#7 things I want to try this year (+new video on youtube)

(lol. I had to re-upload this post because it was full of errorrrs) Heyy everyone!! How's things going? I hope you guys already made up your goals for the year. So in this little post, I'll state some things I wanna try to do this year. Honestly, these are simple goals which is not hard … Continue reading #7 things I want to try this year (+new video on youtube)

November’s Wrapper

Heyyy everyone!!! I hope y'all are having a great day like me. This might be a little bit odd and late as well. But anyways, November was filled with many challenges and events that can't be forgettable. So now let's hop into the post!! School Most events actually happened at school so I'll be putting … Continue reading November’s Wrapper