Monthly Recap— August

Heyy everyone!! How's things going? How did august end so quickly like this? And again, where did time go? Now let's hop into my monthly recap!! Life August was an eventful month and woahh it passed so quickly, especially the week before school. I made sure to complete my bucket list and have fun mostly. … Continue reading Monthly Recap— August

August Playlist

Heyy everyone!! How's things going? Woahh it's been one whole week since I posted something. I feel like I'm going back to being inconsistent with my blog again. Anyway, for the past four days I was hella busy with eid (we celebrate two eids in a year). Unlike the previous eid, this one is a … Continue reading August Playlist

Why is this week special?

Hey everyone! Just by reading the title, you can know what's the post about. So with no more introductions, let's hop into the post! Eid-Ul-Adha I'm sure that all of you are not familiar with this. So basically, we, muslims, have two festivals in a year (Eid-Ul-Fitr and Eid-Ul-Adha). As I said earlier in my … Continue reading Why is this week special?

65 things that make me happy

I don't know what the pic have to do with the post but it kinda suits this post so... Heya everyone! Honestly, I wanted to post every two days but it seems that I was busy in these days. So, yesterday I was in a bad mood so I thought of writing things that's make … Continue reading 65 things that make me happy

Identity ask|Get to know me!

Hola everyone! I hope y'all are doing great. I wanted to take a small break from blogging but it seems like I took a really long break. Few days ago, while looking for different templates and ideas for my bullet journal on Pinterest. I've found some "journal prompts" and it contained interesting self-reflecting, identity and … Continue reading Identity ask|Get to know me!