March’s bujo spread

Heyoo everyone!! How's thing going? It feels like ages since I last shared my bujo spread here. Plus, I've been using my bullet journal a lot now! Calendar There's no cover page for this month's spread because I have no idea what I should call this theme. Minimalistic? I guess I'll go with that. Weekly … Continue reading March’s bujo spread

Bujo set up 2020 + January spread

Heyy everyone!! I hope everyone is having a great day just like me because it's been raining all day today and I had a holiday from school! Isn't that amazing? Okay, now let's jump to my bujo setup of the year!!! 2020 cover page Future Log Resolution January Spread Cover Page Calendar Weekly Spreads Week … Continue reading Bujo set up 2020 + January spread

Top 5 favourite instagram art accounts

Heyy there everyone!! I had this idea in mind since ages. I found this post in my drafts and it wasn't even half completed. Anyway, there are many art accounts on instagram but for now, I'm gonna share only 5 of my favorites. Top 5 Favourite Instagram Art Accounts @sophiapricot She's my #1 inspiration … Continue reading Top 5 favourite instagram art accounts