Monthly recap— April

Heyy everyone! How's things going? I can't possibly believe April is over. Why should April end so quick like this? I was so excited about spring (though it didn't feel like spring because of all the weather changes here). (Online) School All these years, I haven't expected to be talking with my teachers through video … Continue reading Monthly recap— April

Monthly Recap— April

Hey everyone!! It was hard to remember every single thing that happened during this month since it felt like a really loooooooooooong month. I double triple checked this post to make sure I added everything. April started slowly but ended so quickly and I didn't even realize that. Honestly, I didn't want april and spring … Continue reading Monthly Recap— April

10 things I wanna do this summer

So it's time for my first blog at last. I was a bit busy this week so I couldn't write one earlier. But since summer is approaching (if you just know how much I hate summer) I thought of writing about 10 things I wanna do this summer... let's go straight with no delays. 1. … Continue reading 10 things I wanna do this summer