July’s Playlist

Heyy there everyone!! I hope y’all are having a great time. My summer break had already started and I’m currently in my lazy state listening to music all the time. It’s been so long since I posted my monthly playlist. I haven’t made a playlist for may since it was ramadan and June passed by quickly so I didn’t think about making a playlist. Anyway, this month is gonna be One Direction’s 9th anniversary! I thought of adding 1D’s albums in this playlist but I ended up adding only some songs. I mean, I don’t want to listen to all their songs that’ll give me nostalgia and make me miss them more. Woahh time passes so quickly, huh? It’s been three years since they got dis-banded and somehow it feels long enough. There is a chance of a reunion but I don’t think it’ll the be same like before. I mean, they’ll be different. Anyway, before I enter into an endless talk about one direction that will never end in one post, let’s hop into the post!!

June’s Playlist

Act my age by One Direction

A whole new world by Zayn & Zhavia

Boy with luv by BTS ft. Halsey

Don’t leave me alone by David Guetta & Anne Marie

Flight of the stars by Zayn

Girl Almighty by One Direction

Hate Me by Ellie Goulding & Juice WLRD

History by One Direction

I can fly by Lana Del Rey

I don’t care by Ed Sheeran & Justin Bieber

I would by One Direction

Kiss you by One Direction

Nightmare by Halsey

Save you tonight by One Direction

Señorita by Shawn Mendes & Camila Cabello

Stole my heart by One Direction

Two of us by Louis Tomlinson

Up all night by One Direction

Where do broken hearts go by One Direction

Without me by Halsey

That’s it for now!! Currently I’m trying to put up a schedule for blogging since I’m not active over here. Till next time.. see ya! 💛

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Monthly Recap— June

Can’t believe June is over?! Now we’re only 5 months into 2020 like what’s happening? I can’t even keep track of time anymore. This post might be a long since there’s so much to talk about haha.


I don’t know why do I start talking about school right away. Anyway, it was kinda hard to get to used to scioll after ramadan. I mean, thing we’re back to normal. During ramadan, we used to have only about 35 minutes per class so classes were bearable. But when ramadan was over, it was weird to get back to 45 minutes per class routine. Also, during the first week after our eid break, I would sometimes think I’m fasting. We also had our little competition like everyone year. I participated in three different items on the competition and I’m eagerly waiting for all the results to come out before telling out in what position I won haha.

We also had our first serious exam of the year during mid-june. If you ask me about it, I would say that it felt different. I mean, unlike last year, despite the stress and everything I somehow got over it when I started the exam but this year it was different. Like, I was stressed out more that usual. And when I was down with the day’s exam I would be so worried and unsure about everything. It was hard, actually, not the exam but the preparing and writing the exam. The exam was an okay level except accountancy which was confusing a bit.


Personally, June seemed like a long month ever since the beginning. Actually, the approach of June kind of woke me up like I realized that we were only 6 months into the best year and I haven’t done most of my said goals. I started working on my goals little by little and also tried to achieve something.

To be honest with y’all, it was weird to get back to my usual routine after getting used to my ramadan routine. It felt strange in during the day when I remembered that I’m not fasting anymore. Instead of eating lunch, I would delay it to iftar time. Sometimes, I’ll wake up and sit in front of the television and look at everyone around me and be like: yeah! I’m not fasting, right? But once, I got back to school from my eid holiday, everything got back to normal. But I enjoyed eid a lot which can be the best thing about june.

On this month, I borrowed Looking for Alaska and Turtles all the way down from our school library. I borrowed Looking for Alaska during my eid holidays. I was kind of excited to read these book since it’s been so long since I read a book. But honestly speaking, I didn’t like Looking for Alaska. The events of the book went by so quickly and it was sad. I mean, John Green’s books are always sad but this one was depressing especially the ending. It kinda left me sad and thinking about the story for days. On the other hand, I’m in love with Turtles all the way down!! It felt different and I still can’t believe I completed it in only 2 days. Like I used to take one whole week to complete a book. Thankfully, I completed these two books before the approach of my exam so it didn’t leave me distracted.

I tried watching Aladdin but I ended up reaching the middle part and leaving the rest to be watched god-knows-when. I wasn’t able to concentrate on the movie since I was bothered by my exams so I left it for later. But honestly speaking, the movie is great. It just resembles the original one and brought me nostalgia ever since the beginning of the movie. I love the actors so much. I felt like Mena Massoud was meant for the role of Aladdin.



Turtles all the way down by John Green

So far, I think this is my favorite book of of John Green (despite the fact that I read only three of his books). I mean, I think I liked it better than Paper towns. It was obviously better than Looking for Alaska (anything can be better than it). I just love this book. Here is a little summary of it:

Turtles All the Way Down is about lifelong friendship, the intimacy of an unexpected reunion, Star Wars fan fiction, and tuatara. But at its heart is Aza Holmes, a young woman navigating daily existence within the ever-tightening spiral of her own thoughts.

Most of the book was revolving around Aza’s thoughts, which was so deep and sometimes sad. It made think of how thoughts can control someone’s life making them miserable. I liked Aza’s personality but she was controlled by her spiral of thoughts and couldn’t live a normal life and I felt bad for that. Not just that, the ending was beautiful. It was like a promising-ending, like it gave me hope that the story continues in a happy way.


A whole new world by Zayn & Zhavia

I’M SO IN LOVE WITH THIS!! Is it okay if I said that I love this version just like the original one? I’m still addicted to this song. I know I’m late to it but it got released on ramadan so I wasn’t able to listen to it then. When I heard Zayn singing the main part I was about to cry or scream idek.. it was perfecttt. Also, I haven’t expected Zhavia’s voice to be like this.. so beautiful, man she’s talented, I swear. I was addicted to this for the whole month, I kept listening to it again and again. I just can’t get over how perfect this song is.

I don’t care by Ed Sheeran and Justin Bieber

I’m late to this one as well but I’m so obsessed. I mean, they never disappoint us, right?

Señorita by Shawn Mendes & Camilla Cabello

This song is so undescribable… I love everything about this song! Shawn Mendes’ music are perfect plus Camilla being a part of it makes it even more perfecttt.

Food/ Cravings

Brown Coffee

I thought of trying new types of coffee instead of sticking with the usual creamy latte or mocha. I love this so much and I didn’t it existed before.


Previous Goals:

  • Visit the bookshop for some new stationary ✓— yess I got some cute washi tapes and memos
  • Hangout with your best friends
  • Upload a video on YouTube
  • Log out of your social media accounts during your exams ✓
  • STUDY well for your exams ✓— I think I did though
  • SCORE HIGH MARKS — don’t know yet
  • Post your bucket list are the end of this month ✓

July’s Goals:

  • Post 5 blog posts
  • Get back to drawing
  • Get back to art journal
  • Organize instagram feed
  • Have an amazing summer

That’s it for now! June was one hella of a month. I’m so excited for summer and for my July bujo spread— summer vibes!!!

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My Summer Bucket list 2019 ☀️

Heyyy everyone!! Miss me? I know you do. Thankfully, my exams ended last thursday and I feel free now. I guess you guys must get used to the fact that whenever I have exams I don’t post. Anyway, I’m just one week not even one week just FOUR days away from summer break. I’m gonna be free at last!! I’ll be free to do everything I want.. ugh can’t wait!! I actually planned to post this right after my exams are over but I just didn’t feel like doing anything. I literally spent the weekend doing nothing.

Anyway, since summer break is so so close now.. I guess it’s time for my summer bucket list!! I had to list some productive stuffs to do so I won’t end up regretting anything.

My Summer Bucketlist 2019 💛☀️

  • Read new books
  • Go for my yearly haircut
  • Clean and rearrange my study desk
  • Organize my bookself and drawers
  • Upload more on YouTube
  • Hangout more often
  • Get back to serious workouts
  • Start doing simple Yoga
  • Take up a new hobby
  • Get back to learning languages
  • Go for collabs
  • Post summer-themed blog posts
  • Eat out with my family
  • Start a new series in my blog
  • Organize and throw some old stuffs
  • Continue writing my story
  • Use my bujo daily
  • Organize different journals for different purposes
  • Decorate my room
  • Complete my painting (it’s incompleted since forever)
  • Organize my blog site
  • Create a theme for instagram
  • Spend some time outdoor (if the weather is not so hot)
  • Do at least one productive thing a day

That’s it’s for now! I hope I get to do everything on this list!!
Till next time.. see ya!! 💛

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June’s spread + mood board

Heyyy everyone!! Sorry for disappearing for the whole week. I didn’t post anything plus I was inactive around the blogosphere. Anyway, I won’t be around for two week starting from tomorrow, insha’allah. Before I disappear, I wanted to post this before it gets too late.

June’s Spread

Cover Page

This month I’m going with the ocean-theme. I wanted to make it into a summer-theme but my summer break haven’t started yet.


I didn’t have much doodling ideas in mind plus I didn’t wanna full the page with doodling. You could see how I messed with the whale’s tail at the right.

Weekly spreads

This one tool real effort and real time to make it perfect. You see that ocean quote? I’m in love with it so I had to write it!
This looks nice, I guess? But I didn’t add much artwork since I didn’t have time for that.
I LOVE THIS ONE!! It’s so simple but I love how it turned out.

Mood board

This gives me some study-vibes, I guess.

Till next time.. see ya!!

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Monthly Recap— May

I’m not ready to say good bye to May but it’s already over T^T

Hey everyone!! Is this post late? I was trying to shoot video for youtube— oops! it’s supposed to be a surprise— and just remembered that I haven’t posted my monthly recap for May. I spent the whole trying to complete this post before midnight so appreciate it!


What should I say about school? I mean, I always look forward to it but there is always stress especially during ramadan. We had our little test in the beginning of this month which was okay for me. I made a whole damn schedule and kinda sticked to it. I could’ve study better for P.E, just if I didn’t fall ill all of a sudden. Ugh! I was okay that day but then at night that’s when I felt I wasn’t okay. I feel so bad for it though. I planned to score high marks in that subject since it was easier compared to other subjects.

Another thing I didn’t talk about was my previous year’s results. Can you believe that my exams results came out?! Like on the first day of ramadan?! I was so hella nervous and scared that I didn’t check my results right away. I literally waited for the next morning to check my results. But the result wasn’t bad, I mean not even close to bad. It was unexpected and I’ve proudly surpassed myself. I’m usually an average student so you won’t expect me to reach 80 or 90 %. I expected to get something between 70-80% nothing more. But guess what? I got 84%!! I was so hyped and proud of myself. It is not the highest mark in school but it’s high for my own standards so I have the right to be happy XD. I expected myself to get higher marks in english since I studied so hard for it but what happened had happened. What’s funny is that I expected to get lower marks in math but I didn’t. I got 59% in math when I expected less. What I’m happy about is that I have no regrets at all. I’m proud of myself and that’s what counts. I look forward for my next board exam which will be after a in my 12th grade, insha’allah


May was an incredible, amazing, cool month and hella unexpectedly fun filled with events. I thought summer would start already but the weather wasn’t as hot as last year which is a good thing. The weather started getting hot by the end of May which means that it’s already summer though my summer break haven’t started yet.


I feel so sad cause it was the best ramadan I’ve experienced. It was better than last year, I have to say maybe cause I was fully prepared for it. How did it passed by so quickly? Like wasn’t it yesterday when it was the first day? And now eid is also over? Hell is wrong with time? My one week holiday is over and school started again and exams as well. I felt like I was in a summer break the last week. I was so chilled, doing nothing till I was reminded that school is gonna start in sunday. I wanted to skip that day but I know the consequences.

I feel proud of myself cause I somehow enjoyed ramadan as well as did many other stuffs, like reading Qur’an, saying dhikr everyday and also using social medias less than usual. There were hard times like managing my sleep schedule which was a huge mess since I would have many small naps as I mentioned in my collab post. It was a mess but I enjoyed it, I got to stay up at night till suhoor, cook and do whatever I want with no much disturbance. Did I mention that I love doing everything at night? I don’t know why but I feel like I’m more energetic then. Anyway, I look forward to keep doing the religious habits I’ve been doing and also continue my little workouts— it makes me active.


I’ve posted pretty much last month which is really unexpected. Most of the posts were up at 11:00 or minutes before midnight. I’ve posted two ramadan diaries and one collab post with Bay. I was really excited when I posted the collab post since it was my first time doing a collab!! Honestly, I enjoyed writing that post since it was all about my routine in ramadan.

It was kinda hard to keep up all the posts filling my feed at once.


This list is gonna be free from all music since I didn’t listen to any, not even the one in my playlist. But damn there were many new song releases last month. I really can’t wait to listen to them.

Birthday Gifts

I made a birthday gifts haul post already. I just can’t get over how many gifts I got this year. I never got much gifts to begin with. It’s just so amazing. I love the mugs the most and I’ve already started using them.

Food/ Cravings


I ate samoosa a lot last month and now I can’t seem to stop. I usually eat the chicken samoosa but this time I tried the cheese and the veggie ones. I love the veggie one since it was filled with potatoes.


I LOVE VIMTO!! I didn’t realize how much I missed it. I made Vimto slush many times which was 10× better.

Series/ Movie

Ihsan Min Al Madina

احسان من المدينة المنورة

I mentioned earlier in some post that I watched a documentary-kinda-movie that was hosted by Ahmed Al Shugairi about the prophet’s (PBUH) mosque.

Probably this was the most interesting thing I watched last month.



Previous Goals:

  • Study well for your coming exam (don’t procasinate) ✓
  • Make a schedule ✓
  • Do a ramadan collab ✓
  • Go for an iftar with your friends (at least once)
  • Complete one part of the Qur’an each day (you can do it!) ✓
  • Complete the Qur’an in turn
  • Cook different dishes for Ramadan✓
  • Do some ramadan-themed photography
  • Upload 2 videos on YouTube

5/9!! That’s okay, I guess?

an important reminder!

    June Goals:

    • Visit the bookshop for some new stationary
    • Hangout with your best friends
    • Upload a video on YouTube
    • Log out of your social media accounts during your exams
    • STUDY well for your exams
    • Post your bucket list at the end of this month

    That’s all for now!! Till next time.. see ya!!

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    My Eid haul .:*☆

    Hey there everyone!! I was pretty busy today cause we had a huge clean up after eid. We had to help each other cleaning up the whole house till it was clean enough to satisfy my mom. So, here is the eid haul I’ve wanted to post before eid but ended up posting it after eid.


    I always have an habit of buying at least one shirt even if I won’t use it much. I got these two with a ‘buy 2 and get 1 free’ offer. But man, I honestly love them.

    You don’t know how much I love this top. It gives me summer vibes plus it’s so comfortable. I actually have an habit of buying oversized clothes so it won’t look tight and keep my clothing as modest as possible.

    I’m in love with this denim jacket. I already had one since two years but I love this style. I didn’t find any other size or I took this one anyway. The label in the jacket says medium but it is actually oversized which is fine with me.

    This is the first time I buy this type of jeans, like I would usually go with plain ones. There were plain ones and ones with cuts but I found this last piece which I took without hesitation. It was fit a bit long but well it’s okay.

    I thought of buying myself a new hijab/ scarf since the one I’m using right now is just damaged. I haven’t tried this one until yesterday and I’m glad I took cause it was a good quality one, which is hardly found.


    I only found one of this so I guessed it was the last one. I usually don’t go for accessories but I just love this one.

    These rings came with a set of seven rings but I gave three to my sister since I actually wanted only these four.

    That’s all the stuff I bought for eid. Had to post this before it’s too late.

    Till next time.. see ya!!

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    Eid Diary #1

    Why haven’t I come up with this idea earlier?

    Heyy everyone!! How’s it going? Didn’t realize that I haven’t posted in a long time. I’ve been quite busy with eid coming up when I’m not prepared. God! You don’t know how much I miss ramadan already!! It was one hell of a month and so far it’s telling best ramadan I’ve experienced since ages. I was just sad on the last day of ramadan and didn’t feel like celebrating eid. But damn, it’s eid after all. I was actually not in a mood to be around the blogosphere let alone write a post. I was busy with ramadan-ending-soon thoughts and getting back to my usual routine. When ramadan ended like during the first day of Eid, I wanted to do loads of stuffs but ended up not doing any. There were movies I wanna watch but was bothered by my upcoming exams. I wanted to study, honestly but didn’t feel like cause I’m in a summer-break mood and can’t seem to concentrate. So, I just gave up watching movies till summer break and concentrate on other less distracting stuffs like reading a book I and borrowed last week. I also watch some stuffs on youtube that I missed. Today is the third and last day of eid here, probably it’s just the second day in some other countries. Either ways, I unexpectedly enjoyed eid. In this post I’ll be sharing everything everything I’ve done this eid.

    Hope y’all enjoy!!

    Henna/ Mehanndi

    On the night before eid or well, on the night of the last day of ramadan. It would usually be the time when we put on henna. So this year we were kinda late cause of the confusion ‘when is eid’. I would usually henna on my sister using sticker patterns (since I’m not an expert here) or we head to the saloon. I didn’t put henna for the past two years but this I thought of putting it in my own. I swear, it was worth trying and getting to know how good and bad I was in doing it. Okay, so I actually love tattoo designs (that I know I can’t get) so I thought of putting some tattoo designs with henna. God! You don’t know how long it took to me to make it perfect. It’s a bit messed up in some parts but well, practice makes perfect right?

    so this is how it completely looks
    my favorite designs, I tried hard to make it look good

    Eid Day #1

    I started my day with my morning coffee that I didn’t have from a long time

    So, I didn’t expect to enjoy the first of Eid since it’ll always be boring. Sadly, I didn’t wake up early enough to attend the Eid prayer cause I was bit the last night doing my henna that took hours. Anyway, one of my relatives came from the nearby city to visit us like how she does every eid. So, we planned to barbecue in our yard. Not a huge fan if it anyways but I just tagged along. Later on, my sister invited her friends to join us. It was on hell of a day. We bought some party poppers and it literally looked like an outdoor party. I wish I took a proper video of it though.

    If you’re wondering ‘what’s this?’ It’s actually an asian dish we usually make during special occasions

    Eid Day #2

    It was actually yesterday and honestly, I didn’t do much. It was pretty boring since my relative had to go back for an urgent work. I didn’t feel like doing anything though so I just sat there for hours listening to some songs I missed. I spent the rest of the day in instagram watching how eid is going around with people XD. I also completed ‘Looking for Alaska’ that I borrowed last week. I feel so proud of myself I completed it in just three days. I wouldn’t say much about the book now except that it’s sad.

    Eid Day #3

    so this was my outfit today, one of my new eid outfits though. Damn why did I feel like the henna looks like tattoos?

    Today, like few hours ago before writing this part of the post, I were out. Me and my sister went to a ladies walk which was a wide place for you to walk around, obviously XD and there was a little playground. It was a nice place honestly, especially at night, so calm and quiet except for the kids.

    Anyway, me and sister played with the swings, yeah just like kids. She didn’t play much like how I did. Man I looked like a kid XD. Anyway, good day! On our way back, I spent the whole time writing this letter post so I won’t delay it to midnight.

    If you’re wondering who’s blurry pic does that belong to.. well it was my sister xD

    Eid Mubarak everyone, well late eid mubarak. I’m so late!

    Till next time… See ya!!

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    Ramadan Diary #5

    Hey there everyone!! Welcome back with another ramadan diary. I promised myself to post more of this series but it doesn’t seem like there’s much to talk about anyway.

    For now, let’s hop into the post!

    Last days of ramadan

    OH GOD! I feel so bad how time passed by so quickly, I feel like I haven’t accomplished much. I’ve set goals not any goals, goals I believed I can achieve. The last ten days of ramadan always passes quickly and ends without realizing. Today is the last friday of ramadan and I just realized it now. There were a lot of things I had to concentrate on this year. I always end up exhausted during the day and sometimes I’d feel sleepy at school that I can’t concentrate on anything, not to mention that I looked awful everyday. The thing about ramadan is that my schedule is so tight, I don’t have time to do much and before realizing it’ll already be night. Obviously while fasting you get to feel how slow time passes and I get to study and stuff (but sometimes I can’t concentrate plus sometimes I need sleep). But at night? Man that’s when the speed of time is like 2× faster. I should pray, revise, cook and even write a blog post and I would always post on midnight or minutes before it. Anyway, anyway, the last ten days of ramadan are the blessed days of the month. In these days along with taraweeh, we’ve got another another late night prayer like between 12:00 – 1:00 am. These prayers are usually the most emotional ones since our prayers will be answered by Allah’s will. I remember there was this time when I was younger like in 7th grade I guess. There was this mosque we intended to go to since the imam over there has an amazing voice. Praying over there was the best thing I did my whole life, I’ve never been so emotional and affected while praying in my whole life. So when it was the end of the prayer there was a du’a and I actually started crying realizing the real meaning of each word and how I haven’t realized it before.

    Eid shopping

    Did I mention how I hate shopping? I take so long shopping and I hate shopping during the days before eid cause the streets and stores are gonna be so crowded. Eid is expected to be either on tuesday or wednesday but thankfully our eid holidays had already started (even though eid is still days away) and it’s gonna lasts for nine days even though eid lasts for only three days lol!! I can think of loads of things to do during eid cause eid is always filled with many exciting stuffs. I remember last year, I was so busy with World Cup and didn’t care to spend time with my family xD good days. Anyway, yesterday we went shopping and thankfully, thankfully I picked clothes easily (maybe cause I found the types I wanted). Actually, I wasn’t so excited about getting clothes for eid, I just wanted to try new clothing styles since it’s been a long time since I went shopping. I went out two times to get clothes and today was the third time. Actually, it’s my sister having the trouble picking clothes. We literally went to three different shops and she didn’t find what suits her. I plan to get a new abaya this year maybe a different style as well, I haven’t decided yet though. But I’m really excited to post an eid haul.


    Here are little inspiration I’ve been into lately.

    aaahh this is so emotional

    That’s it for now!! I’ve been away from the blogosphere for so long but I sure will keep with everything. Till next time.. see ya!!

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    little birthday gifts haul

    Heyy everyone!! I hope y’all are having a great time! Honestly, this is the first time I receive so many gifts all at once. Usually, I’ll get one or two and the rest I’ll get them later but this time I was so SHOCKED to see all these gifts.

    ignore the mess in the background

    Charger + Earphones

    I actually asked for a charger since my current one is gonna be damaged any moment. But the earphones? I haven’t expected to get a new one. I mean, my current one is working just fine but I really love the new ones. The are not the ones I have like they’re not ordinary.


    I’ve never imagined myself with headphones maybe because I never tried it but I know I’ll look weird with it. Anyway, I didn’t ask for headphones but my little sister thought I’d like it. Maybe I will, after getting used to it.

    Mugs ×2

    OMG you can’t imagine how happy I was when I saw this. I was so damn happy to get these. The best thing is that I got two of these one from my mom and other form sister. The one my mom bought for me was much bigger but didn’t come with straws. And the one my sister got was so cute and is my favorite color as well. I plan to use the bigger one for smoothies and the other one for coffee.

    Piggy bank

    Everyone at home knows about my habit of saving money, mainly coins, in piggy banks. It’s been a habit for me to have piggy back every year so obviously I’d expect one as a gift this year.


    My little sister bought me this one because it got the first letter my name. Not a huge fan of collecting keychains but man this looks beautiful.

    Till next time… See ya!!

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    10 things I’ve learnt + 5 current goals

    *it’s literally 11:57 pm now*

    Heyy everyone!! How’s things going? I’ve been posting pretty much this week, aye? Anyway, today is my birthday and no I’m not so hyped about it. I’ve stopped caring about my birthday ever since 5th grade. I only care about the gifts though. Getting birthday wishes from my family and friends make me happy but I hate to get too much attention. So, this post, I’ll be sharing the 10 things I’ve learnt and my 5 current goals that I wanna achieve this year.

    10 things I’ve learnt

    1. Appreciating everything around me
    2. Reading books without judging their covers
    3. Understanding mental health, through the blogosphere mostly
    4. Looking at the bright side
    5. Dealing with obstacles
    6. I’m bad in math, I have no hopes with it
    7. “everything happens for a reason”
    8. Making mood boards
    9. Blogging (the best thing I’ve done)
    10. Journaling

    1. Be a real YouTuber

    So far my youtube channel is kinda dead cause I don’t upload consistently. I actually planned to start a youtube channel after I reach 18 but then I think having it from now is better since I’ll be able to see it grow.

    2. Learn japanese and spanish

    There are many other languages I wanna learn maybe not perfect it but just get to understand them. But I wanna learn japanese and spanish so bad.

    3. Reach 1000 followers on instagram

    I always find instagram as a platform where I post all my artworks and photography. It’s been a long time since I’m using it.

    4. Perfect an art work

    I do have completed sketches but it’s always in black and white and simple. I didn’t even complete my painting which I started last December.

    5. Stay positive and spread positivity

    This is more like a reminder than a goal but I hope I stay positive throughout this year.

    That’s all for the post!! Short post I know, but these are my main goals.

    Till next time, see ya!! ❤

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