Save Sheikh Jarrah | Red For Palestine

Hey! This wasn't a planned post but it is an important one. I'm not going to make this a long post, I just want to raise awareness about this important issue. I guess all of you know what's currently happening in the world, specifically in Palestine. Everyone knows what Palestine have been going through since…

The Fancè Fall Tag

Heyy everyone!! I'm back with the most interesting tag ever! Thanks to El for nominating me, it means so much to meee!! Oh yeah and credits goes to Bayance cause it's her idea after all.Rules:Pick from the options your nominator left you.Nominate one person to continue the perfect fall challenge (pick wiselyyy)Copy and past the…

Let’s Get Real: Oppression of Muslim Uighurs in China ft. AqsaSaysWhat (Reblog)

I had to reblog and share this post, as a muslim and even as a human. It’s important for everyone to know about this! You should read this post to know what’s really really happening around the world!!


Hey girl hey. And boy.

Like many others, I stumbled upon a viral video a few months ago explaining the Uighur situation in Chinese concentration camps. It didn’t hit me at first because I felt so helpless and it was another one of those ‘ugh that’s so sad..*insert boost of gratitude for my own life here*’. It wasn’t until Aqsa contacted me recently for a collab request to address this subject that I actually started looking into it. My heart broke and I had a breakdown. Twice. I’m really sensitive when it comes to injustices around the world and almost always end up carrying the burden of not being able to do much about it. After all, I’m an unemployed and dependent high school student who does not have any political power or financial ability to change much.

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But then I realized there’s something we all have. Communication. Now more…

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