current mood board 🌙

Heyy everyone!! How's things goin'? Today is 17th ramadan already.. I can't believe time is passing so quickly T^T Anyway, I wanted to post this before I forget about it. Instagram | Twitter | Pinterest


Optimism Award

Heyy everyone!! so here is another tag I was excited to do. It was made by the amazing Bayance (another reason why I'm excited) and I also got nominated!!!! Honestly, this is a huge pleasure, Bay. And now here is the criteria I copied: This award is for bloggers who are community-minded citizens in the … Continue reading Optimism Award

hiddenzzz turned 1 | challenges, goals & more

Yayyyy hiddenzzz turned 1!! I can't believe it!? Heyy everyone!! I'm so excited and happy that today April 24th is my 1 year blogging anniversary!! Imagine on the same day last year, I posted my first ever blog post. I can't believe it's one year already, where did time go? It felt like yesterday when … Continue reading hiddenzzz turned 1 | challenges, goals & more

mood board + february playlist

Heyy everyone!! It feels nice to be back again. I plan to take a little break from studying till this weekend (it's a really short break I know xD). While writing a scheduled post for friday, I realized that I didn't post my current mood and playlist yet so.. here it is!! +Current Mood board+ … Continue reading mood board + february playlist