my first mood board

Heyy everyone!! How’s life? I’ve been busy studying for my exams and my sleeping schedule is a huge mess now Blogosphere is not a distraction like how I thought it was, it’s like a little break after every hour of studies. Writing and reading blog posts is actually calming and makes my stress fade a bit. Anyways, lately I’ve been seeing this moodboard thingy here so I thought it would be a great idea if I did one to reflect my mood. Since we’re in the middle of the month already, I’ll make a mood board for my music playlist starting from next month.

Now let’s get into the post!

+my first ever mood board+

so I don’t know what a mood board should contain but anyways I made this one to reflect my current mood. I’m so into music right now and in studies plus I love to include a little motivational word everywhere.

I look forward to post mood boards for every month and maybe my bujo setup ❤

lol its a short post.. till next time.. see ya!!

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Monthly Recap — December

Heyy everyone!!! I disappeared without telling y’all, my exam season approached quickly and I didn’t have enough time to react to it. I should organize my blogs cause I don’t wanna post previous month recap in the middle of the other month. By the way, I liked using the word recap more than wrapper so I’ll be using this from now onwards. Before starting, I’d like to thank Bayance for inspiring me the idea of a monthly wrapper. I couldn’t link her blog in the previous post because of some error.

Now let’s hop into this post!!


Since December is the last month before winter break, we usually have events before school closes. We had annual day on 13th and it is conducted every alternative year (mostly even-numbered years). So it’s all about stage performances, dances, skits and anything similar. It had been a tradition in our school since the very first and I always enjoyed watching it. But this year I made an attempt to participate and that was literally unbelievable (until now). It was the first time I ever participated in stage performances, let alone a dance. So it was like every class performs on stage and our dance was a zumba type like 3 in 1 dance with 3 different songs. We had practiced days before the performance and that was super stressful since I wasn’t good at dancing (plus my first time duhh). I wanted to quit since I felt I was a burden but well I made an attempt to practice and I can say that I was doing good. When it was annual day, I was literally scared. I even asked ny parents not to attend since I’ll be even more anxious (but they attended anyways, being supportive as always😁). But there was some issues when we were about to perform. I’m not gonna put on all details but well our dance was threatened to be cancelled and that made things even worst. I was already nervous plus this thing coming up.. I was done. So our performance was delayed because of that issue and we had to wait in a classroom for a long time but the worst thing was that most of my classmates were crying. For me, my eyes were literally filled with tears and if I blinked, my tears would flow non stop so I choose of hold on. But when I hugged one of my classmates to comfort, I tried to hold my tears and that was hard. I didn’t wanna cry in front of my classmates, I mean I never cried in front of them anyways and I didn’t want to. But when my best friends entered, I told them everything and started crying heavily. So now it was like everyone is crying and when I hug anyone I’ll cry even more (man I’m literally laughing while writing this😂) I was so nervous about the dance and now scared about our performance being cancelled. Later on, after many discussions, our performance was confirmed and I can’t help but laugh. It was insane. Now, when I think about it, I find it funny and I always ask my self: why did I even cry?

Anyways the dance went well, except the part when I FORGOT some steps and moved my left hand instead of my right one. Oh God! that is so embarrassing if you only saw the video!! Everyone, students and parents, saw me plus it got recorded and the DVDs would be out soon. Ughhh. But this was my first and last performance on stage, I sure am not participating again. I had to be the odd one with hijab on but still I would never remove it 🙂 and not to mention that that was the first time I kept make up even if it’s just foundation and lipstick (dark lipstick, thanks to my best friend) I couldn’t bear it for a long time. It was one of the greatest experience and I know it won’t be repeated but it made me learn more about myself… I always fail on stage 😂

Other than that, we had some vacation classes which I skipped mostly. I know have to keep up and that’s actually so much but I couldn’t pull my self to go to school in winter duh?! I actually attended 2 days out of 6 xD

My Photography

damn this is my favorite one! It was on 2nd December 😍😍

ft. my little sister

I’m proud of this one.. after learning a new photography hack XD


December was important ever since the second day. One, because it was my little sister birthday. Two, it was UAE’s national (I somewhat consider it as my home) and even though I’m not an emirati citizen yet being a part of this country is something to be proud of. I planned to go out on that day but since it was sister’s birthday I chose to stay at home to celebrate it with my family and her friends. WoW!! What a great sister I am, aye? 😂. But actually I did that cause I’m pretty sure the streets were full of traffic and I might return to home late at night and I don’t like that. Anyways, is was one hell of a party, I enjoyed staying around her crazy friends and I realized that I enjoy being around youngsters.



Good years by Zayn

I’m so addicted to this song and I don’t even know why. I keep singing it all the time and I’m sure my little sister is annoyed by now xD


Usually, I don’t have a so-called favorite post buy honestly speaking, I enjoyed writing the ‘gift ideas’ post. It seems unusual and may be that’s why I liked it. I look forward to posting the same kind of posts in the near future (insha’allah)

Gift ideas ˚🎁˳°✧


source: pinterest

And yeah no books or favorite movies on december since I had to go and have some real time with friends and family and because I didn’t watch many movies as well so.

January Goals

  • Post 5 blog posts at least
  • Post a video on YouTube (it’s about to be ready)
  • Complete my aim board
  • Decorate my study notes/books
  • Try buying new books
  • Post a cooking recipe
  • Make a booklist for 2019


  • Complete all the 3 tag post which are pending ✔️
  • Make at least 5 posts✔️
  • Try making a new dessert ✔️
  • Make a study schedule✔️
  • Watch 3 Christmas movies
  • Post at least two videos on YouTube

4/6 is okay for a start!! 🤷

That’s all for the post!! I’ll post less thus week and the next since I have my exams already. Till next time.. see ya!!

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My quotes from 2018

Hey everyone and.. Happy New Year!! I hope this year will be filled with happiness and success. Going through my bujo, I found many quotes I’ve written down when I was feeling down. I think I felt so from october onwards when I disappeared from blogosphere. Plus, those quotes were written down on the end of september, october, november and december, which means I’ll be sharing only four quotes. When I wrote these quotes, it seemed deep for me and they described what I exactly felt at that time. Surprisingly, that was the first time I described what feel by writing it down so it means a lot to me to share it here.

Now have fun!!


“Listen, take a deep breath and believe in God, he won’t disappoint you!”

This was when school reopened after summer break and since I wasn’t ready for it.


“You might feel like you don’t fit in a society and even if that’s true maybe the problem is not you. Maybe it’s the people in that society who don’t know how to appreciate your talent. Maybe you’re just too good to be in such societies. You’re precious in many ways”

This was when I had many thoughts in mind. Talking about society is not like me, but I had this thoughts after reading some articles. In a way, I wanted to change some society, to make them appreciate everyone and not judge them.


“You might feel excluded, ignored, abandoned. But don’t even underestimate yourself. Just because you can’t speak up and express what’s inside your mind, doesn’t mean that they’re better than you. You have many amazing things in you that people can’t see because they don’t try to. If people don’t appreciate you, then maybe you should move on. Change wherever you are never change yourself for them, for their sake. You deserve to be with people who care about what you say, what you feel, people who would listen to you and hear you out all the time”

This was when I was so emotional about everything around me. I don’t even know why. I felt like I was being underestimated. I don’t express every single thing in my mind but I do have people to understand me. But sometimes I get the feeling that I’m alone and that’s what I actually felt throughout that month.


“There were things that changed me, made me who I am now.. if I continued to be like this then I might get better. Thanks 2018 for all the lessons and experiences. Hope 2019 be better, insha’allah”

This one was to recap 2018 and I even wrote two pages about what I did, what I achieved, what I’m proud of, what new stuffs I grew fond of and what change did I adapt. I was kinda emotional when I wrote that down on new year at 4:30 am. I felt like I shouldn’t delay it. With these words I ended 2018 and my journal as well.

I might post a blog or two next week before I disappear because of my exams. Till next time.. See ya!

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My 2018!

No wayyyyy!! I can’t believe it!! 2018 is ending… it was a year full of twists and events and I’m not ready to say goodbye (′︿‵。).

In this post, I’ll be talking about everything that happened this year. I literally started writing this post after posting my last post just in case I didn’t complete this one in time xD and that exactly what happened. I was supposed to post this yesterday.

Anyways now, let’s hop into the post with no more delay.

+ Blogging and Bujo

Joining the blogosphere must be the best thing I did this year and in my life. Blogging helped me improve my writing (obviously) helped, share my day and thoughts plus reading and discovering blogs is so much fun. I read blogs about people writing about their experiences like you know, the popular ones. But when I saw one of wordpress’ blogs, I was like “nah I won’t like it” but I still tried reading it and that’s when my I changed my mind. I mean, damn, blogging can be about anything.. plus it’s free (I didn’t even know that back then)

Learning about bloggers made be more into being an organised person, obviously, since you should have like a blogging schedule plus having to care about your own life. One thing mostly every blogger talks about is their bullet journal at first I was like what is that? But soon after that I made a real research on Pinterest and even downloaded many pics of bujo’s set up and layouts. At first I thought I’d use it for a month or so but it even surprised me that I can’t stay a day without writing in it or even looking at it.

+ Books

I’ve never been so exciting about buying or even reading books. Like usually I would borrow books from my friends at school so I can return it anytime if I didn’t like the book. Despite me loving being in the bookstore I actually never bought a book for myself. I would gift books or even look at the covers without buying (weird right?). So, this year, I went out to the bookstore maybe to look at books (cause it’s fun and all) and then I found this book called Dorothy Must Die and I was like let’s try reading it. And did I love it? I obviously did!

+ Coffee

I was never addicted to coffee until february I guess and that was because of my exams’ stress and all. From what I’ve heard I knew that coffee is supposed to make you feel energetic and awake. But coffee has an opposite effect on me, like I’m not even lying when I say that when I drink cofffee I actually feel sleepy but not tired (am I that weird?) Despite that, I actually love it, bitter or sweet, but I drink only iced coffee or cold cause I don’t wanna take the risk of burning my tongue 😂😂.

Books I’ve read:

+ Dorothy Must Die (Vol.1&2) by Danielle Payne

+ Paper towns by John Green

+ Renegades by Marissa Meyer

+ Wonder by R.J Placio

+ Wimpy kid: Meltdown (obviously)

Lmao after this post I think I should start posting some book reviews.

Favorite Quotes

The post ended already…? Anyways, I didn’t add my new year’s resolution or wishlist since I think its better to make another post for them. So, I’m gonna post another blog post tomorrow insha’allah. Plus, I thought of changing my blog name cause sometimes I think that hiddenzzzzz doesn’t make sense but I’ll think about that later.

Till next time.. see ya!!

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Gift ideas ˚🎁˳°✧

Hey there everyone!!! I hope y’all are having a great day just like me. I was planning to go out with my best friend and I wanted to buy her a late birthday gift. I think this idea came up at the right moment since I was struggling to think of a right gift and today is Christmas eve so this blog is right in time aye? even though I don’t celebrate christmas. Many ideas came up to my mind.. I wanted a simple, memorable, special and literally anything that would make it seem perfect XD. But every gift I think of turns to be a good one and that made it harder for me to choose.. anyways

Let’s just hop into the post!!!

1. Friendship bracelet (or necklace)

What I thought was to buy two bracelet with the letter ‘A’ hanging since both of us have the same first letter in our names.. woah now that’s friendship goals right? 😂 But honestly speaking, this one is a good one and even though it seems simple yet its valuable.

2. A mug

This one is so cute and can be found everywhere plus it’s affordable haha.

3. A painting

Here’s a little fact: I don’t know how to paint as much as I know how to sketch. Funny, isn’t it? I tried painting but I didn’t complete it yet so.. Anyways, if you’re good at painting you can give one as a gift since it’ll be handmade and damn creative.

4. Makeup

Okay! I’m not a huge fan of makeup like I don’t even put on make up except once and that was just some foundation and lipstick. I can’t even stand staying in make up stores for so long, it kinda irritates me. Anyways, I found that buying your friend some simple cosmetics like lip gloss or eye linear or maybe nail polish?.. can be nice. But my friend is not a make up fan like me (no wonder why we’re best friends 😂) so.. I didn’t consider it.

5. Perfume

OMG!! This one is really cool.. you know the small and cute ones? Yeah!! They’re really my thing!! I love them😍. But here, the emarati perfumes are the best.. like the scent stays for a really long time.

This is seriously an old pic like since last year.. I guess? xD

6. Electronics

If you have a friend who’s so into electronics then you should consider buying them stuffs like: a phone case, headphones or earphones, or even a pop socket will be a good idea.

7. Pillow

To me, gifting my bestfriend a pillow is still the best idea. Like she’ll get to see it before she sleeps and after she wakes up, I mean that’s so cute right?

And here are the other ideas:

8. Watch

9. Stationary (like a sketchbook, calligraphy pen, set of brush pens)

10. A book

11. Shirt (or jacket)

12. Scented candles

13. A calendar (maybe with some inspiring quotes)

14. Fairy lights

15. Sunglasses (or fake glasses)

This post took literally two days to be completed— one whole day gone for writing and the other for checking the mistakes and so on.

I hope y’all enjoyed reading! Merry Christmas in advance🎄🎅✨ (for those who are celebrating). Much love.. see ya!!

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My winter bucket list ❄️

Yayyyyyy!!! It’s winter💙 Can you believe it?! Winter is so damn late here especially this year. I was dying for winter and now here it is!! Good thing is that winter is gonna last till mid-february and that means I’ll have more time to accomplish my bucket list. I’m not gonna get so excited about winter since our exams season is gonna start on January (´△`) and believe me the stress is real. But anyways, I made a schedule already to enjoy and study (look at me being organized 😂 aye?)

So now, let’s hop into the blog post with no delays.

My Winter Bucket list 2018-19

  • Watch Christmas-themed movies
  • Make new coffee recipes
  • Make some new desserts
  • Visit the book store
  • Organize my study desk
  • Complete a painting
  • Start my new bujo setup for new year
  • Post some winter-themed blog posts
  • Visit the clothes store
  • Hangout on Christmas
  • Read a new book
  • Go for a barbeque night with my family
  • Make plans for new year
  • Complete at least 3 sketches
  • Re-watch some movies in my bed
  • Decorate my room
  • Eat out
  • Do a winter photoshoot
  • Stay in bed most of the day
  • Listen to all One Direction, BTS, EXO songs
  • Write letters
  • Make some handmade gifts
  • Go shopping
  • Make a wishlist for 2019
  • Go for a road trip
  • Make a special breakfast
  • Create an aim board for 2019

It’s been a really long time since I watched something without stress. Usually, I ignore everything and relax for a bit, but later on I’ll regret so this time I’m gonna relax for real. I’m in a damn mood to listen to all of one direction songs at once!!😁 … and here are the movies I’m willing to watch (or re-watch) in winter:

  • Spider Man movies (trying to bring back my childhood nostalgia)
  • Christmas Carol (winter mood duhh.. XD)
  • Nightmare before Christmas
  • Pursuit of happiness
  • Wonder

Yep!! aaaand that’s all for now, don’t forget to keep up with my coming blog posts. Much love ⋆*:.✧

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Current Playlist | December’s Playlist

Another month with another mood and songs. In this playlist, I’ll be adding sooo many random songs with a (♥️) beside my favorite ones.

December’s Playlist

Allah Duhai Hai (cover) by Zayn ♥️

All of me by John Legends

Back to you by Selena Gomez

Believe by Shawn Mendes

Fake Love by BTS

Mic Drop by BTS ♥️

Castle by Halsey

Colors by Halsey

Darkside by Alan Walker (feat. Au/Ra and Tomine Harket)

Drive by Halsey

Good years by Zayn ♥️

Hanabi by Maiko Fujita

Happier by Marshmello (ft. Bastille) ♥️

I know what you did last summer by Shawn Mendes

Ima demo Anata ga by Maiko Fujita

I’m a mess by Bebe Rexha

In my dreams by Ruth.B

Legends by Juice WRLD ♥️

Let me by Zayn

Lost in Japan by Shawn Mendes

Moonlight by Grace VanderWaal

Nervous by Shawn Mendes

Night changes by One Direction ♥️

Heart Attack nightcore version♥️

If I die young nightcore version

What happened to perfect nightcore version

One last time by Ariana Grande

Outside by Calvin Harris ft. Ellie Goulding

Sick boy by Chainsmokers

Silent Scream by Anna Blue

So far away by Martin Garrix and David Guetta ft. Jamie Scott♥️

Sorry by Halsey

Stay by Zedd, Alessia, Cara

Steal my girl by One Direction♥️

Story of my life by One Direction♥️

Stressed Out by Twenty one pilots

Titanium by David Guetta ft. Sia

What hurts the most nightcore version

7 years old by Lukas Graham♥️

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