September’s Playlist

Hey everyone!! How's things going? I feel like I've been in a different planet the last three days. I'm still not used to school, maybe cause it's only the first week after summer break. I just want weekend to arrive quickly so I can sleep peacefully. I wish we had one more week of holiday … Continue reading September’s Playlist


August Playlist

Heyy everyone!! How's things going? Woahh it's been one whole week since I posted something. I feel like I'm going back to being inconsistent with my blog again. Anyway, for the past four days I was hella busy with eid (we celebrate two eids in a year). Unlike the previous eid, this one is a … Continue reading August Playlist

October Playlist!

Hey everyone! a new month had arrived and that means a new playlist. This time I'm in a mood to listen some kind of deep songs and so I've added some songs from the previous playlist! Have fun! ✧October Playlist✧ Back to you by Selena Gomez Be somebody nightcore version Mic Drop by BTS Can … Continue reading October Playlist!