Monday Motivation: 10 motivating quotes that keep me going

Heyy everyone!! Today, I thought of sharing 10 motivational quotes that never fail to keep my spirits up. I hope they would motivate you the same way they did with me! #1. I need to keep this in mind when I feel discouraged. #2. #3. YES!! Life is so short to wait!! #4. #5. #6. … Continue reading Monday Motivation: 10 motivating quotes that keep me going

Top 5 motivational quotes (@samlaurabrown)

Hey there everyone! So few days ago, I've stumbled across @samlaurabrown's account on instagram and realized that she's a blogger, podcast host and a coach. She shares many motivational quotes that would literally make your day better. For this post, I've gathered 5 quotes that became my favorite and that's been motivating me. So here … Continue reading Top 5 motivational quotes (@samlaurabrown)

My current struggles | exams >.<

Hey there everyone! I hope everyone is having an amazing weekend. I think all of you noticed that I'm rarely active in the blogosphere, first because of school and second, is because I don't know how to get back to blogging like before. It seems, that I don't post about my day anymore, so guess … Continue reading My current struggles | exams >.<

My summer bucket list 2018

So at last, I'm gonna share my summer bucket list for this year. My Summer Bucket list Read at least 3 new books Learn Japanese language Start a bullet journal Re-activate my tumblr account Try new coffee recipes Have a picnic Eat in a restaurant with my family Watch Hunger Games movies Try new clothing … Continue reading My summer bucket list 2018

20 best quotes that effected me!

I'm back. And yeah! I'll be posting more often. As I said earlier, my summer vacation had already started and believe me my mind is empty. It's just the 4th day of my summer vacation and I feel like a month had already past. I had a lot of mood swings lately and it's really … Continue reading 20 best quotes that effected me!