Top 5 motivational quotes (@samlaurabrown)

Hey there everyone! So few days ago, I’ve stumbled across @samlaurabrown‘s account on instagram and realized that she’s a blogger, podcast host and a coach. She shares many motivational quotes that would literally make your day better. For this post, I’ve gathered 5 quotes that became my favorite and that’s been motivating me. So here […]

Monthly recap— July 🔆

Heyy everyone!! I hope everyone is having a great time. I just woke up the other day and I felt like I forgot about something. When I looked at the calendar I was like: Wait, july ended already? I literally lost track of time. That means, only one month is left of the summer break. […]

hiddenzzz’s weekly diary #3

Heyy everyone!! I hope everyone is having an amazing day today. I don’t know why but lately I’ve been in a mood to write blog posts all the time. Anyway, this is another series that existed in my blog but I totally abandoned it for almost a year now. This week went by smoothly and […]

hiddenzzz’s weekend #2

Heyy everyone!! Woah guys! Did you know that this series existed? I wrote only one hiddenzzz’s weekend diary throughout my blog. I’ve had an amazing weekend which is unexpectedly rare since I always end up sleeping and being lazy. Anyway, here are the stuffs that made me weekend ‘amazing’ and worth speaking of. Movie time: […]

Top 5 favourite instagram art accounts

Heyy there everyone!! I had this idea in mind since ages. I found this post in my drafts and it wasn’t even half completed. Anyway, there are many art accounts on instagram but for now, I’m gonna share only 5 of my favorites. @sophiapricot View this post on Instagram último día de mayo así que […]

July’s spread + mood board

Heyyy everyone!! Here I am trying to make my blog alive again. Anyway, I hope you guys check my instagram account since I started posting my artworks there (trust me you don’t wanna miss them xD). Now, here is my july spread which I chose to be in a summer theme. July’s spread Cover page […]

Get ready to enjoy summer!

Heyyy everyone!! How’s things going? I hope y’all are having an amazing summer. This is my first week of summer break and here is a life update: I’m still in my lazy state. I’ve been like this for long enough and I guess enough is enough. My blog stats is so low and my instagram […]