The Awesome Blogger Award

Heyy everyone! How's things going? I'm so excited for october and all events coming up but I'll be busy with my two weeks exam. Anyway, today I'm back with a new tag. Thanks to El for nominating me! I decided to do this tag eventually so I won't forget it. Rules: • Thank the blogger … Continue reading The Awesome Blogger Award


Monthly Recap— September

Hey everyone!! How's things going? Hope everyone had an amazing september cause sadly it ended in a blink. It was an eventful and stressful month but I still can't believe we getting closer to the end of the year T^T School Honestly, I was stressed about school even before it started. I wasn't even ready, … Continue reading Monthly Recap— September

6 ways to brighten your mood (after a tough day)

Heyy everyone!! Where have I been? You'll ask, well I was actually taking a little break from blogging to focus more on school. It's only the second week of school and I feel like it's the second month. Anyway, so today I'm gonna share 6 ways (I figured) that might help brighten your mood— mostly … Continue reading 6 ways to brighten your mood (after a tough day)