Heyy everyone!!

March is already over? 2021 just can’t chill and wait for us to catch up, I still can’t digest the fact that we’re in the 4th month already! What’s going on? March 2020 was the longest month I’ve ever witnessed in my whole life and I kinda expected the same this year. But March 2021 is just the complete opposite.

Anyway, here is a little recap of how March went for me. There were many events going on, even though the month felt short and quick.

Life & School

  • First of all, I’m back to school, real school. I wrote all about that in my latest hiddenzzz diary post.
  • So, going back to school was really stressful because I wasn’t able to get used to my new routine, until now.
  • Besides, I would always come home exhausted and I wouldn’t have the energy to do anything.
  • But of course, I was delighted to meet my friends again and the atmosphere of the school
  • Moreover, we had almost two physical education classes, after a long time, which made my muscles sore for one week. Thankfully, we are done with the physical education exam, which was on Sunday.
  • Our pre-final exam is going to start this month, actually next week.
  • I was pretty busy with school for the whole month that I wasn’t able to think of anything else beside it. Even though we would attend school for three times a week only.




I’ve heard a lot about this movie and I mean A LOT, but I’ve never brought myself to watch it. Even when I knew it was going to come on TV, I didn’t quite care. I ended up watching it anyway, because procrastination gets me so often these days. But let me tell you, that I love this movie! I’m not a fan of sci-fi (or anything with scientific explanation) but this movie, whatever genre it falls in, is just awesome and I enjoyed it completely!!



Don’t look at me, I love being late to the party! Do I have to say anything about this show? It’s just worth a watch! You should just watch it. After the end of every episode, I even more excited for the next episode. It’s just so interesting and full of emotions!


my exs best friend by Machine Gun Kelly ft. black bear

This was streaming all day for the whole month! Crazy!

Boys will be boys by Dua Lipa

How come I haven’t heard of this song before?!


Alex Meyers

I’ve been spending loads of time on youtube and I know that’s really unhealthy but I can’t help it! I stumbled across this channel and after watching a video or two, I wondered why I haven’t known about it earlier. In short, Alex’s channels is all about movies reviews, more likely criticizing movies— but well in a funny way. It kept me entertained for the whole month and his videos make me laugh, which makes my day better.


Mandarin Cake

It tastes 100 times better than how it looks! The moment I stumbled across this recipe, I decided to try it out right away! Thankfully, there was a handful of Mandarin which was enough to make this.

Fresh Strawberry Milk

I’ve mentioned this in my hiddenzzz diary post, if you want to read more about it. I would highly recommend this recipe! It’s easy to make and delicious too.


I wrote this quote in my bujo after a really long, tiring day.


Previous Goals:

  1. Blog and post consistently✘
  2. Complete all drafted posts✘
  3. Exercise 2-3 times a week✓
  4. Get back to reading✘
  5. Revise everyday✓
  6. Organize all files and assignment✓

April’s Goals:

  1. Be ready for Ramadan beforehand
  2. Get 8 hours of sleep, no matter what
  3. Prepare a study schedule for finals
  4. Go for daily walks outdoor
  5. Post a Reel
  6. Upload on youtube
  7. Catch up with all blog posts in my wp reader

I hope April is filled with happiness and positivity 🌺 Always look at the bright side of everything! When you go through a bad day, just remember that good days are coming ✨ I’m so excited for April, for another month of spring and for Ramadan! The blessed days are on its way and I can’t wait for it!!

That’s all I got for now!! Till next time.. See ya around!!





6 thoughts on “2021 Monthly Recap— March

  1. Omg the cake & strawberry milk look soo delicious! I can imagine it was so tough going back to school, I know I would defo struggle going back into a normal routine after lockdown! Thank you for sharing, I hope April is kind to you! xxx

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you! It was pretty tough. But I’m getting used to it, little by little by now. That cake and strawberry milk helped me survive the month hahah 🤣❤️
      I hope April treats you well, too!! 🌺


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