Heyy everyone!

I’m currently in a weird state of mind so please excuse my inactivity in the internet. I realized that I’ve got loads of stuffs of share that I couldn’t include it elsewhere, except for my weekly diary. In fact, this weekly diary is a recap of the previous weeks.

Now, let’s see what I was up to!

Me, My life and My blog

I’ve been sharing a lot of my weekly life updates through my diary posts and monthly recaps. But I’ve realized that I haven’t been sharing much of my life, anymore. I don’t know if any of you noticed it yet. The number of times I typed and deleted is countless. I deleted many facts about myself because I felt that no one would want to know them. At times I would delete stuffs because I realize that I’m talking too much about myself and that is, maybe not interesting? I don’t know if what I’ve just said made sense. My blog was my space where I could share everything revolving in my life, the ups and the downs. But now, I feel like sharing my downs is not a good idea and sharing too much of my ups is not interesting. Now that it’s growing bigger and bigger, I’m more hesitant to share about myself and my life. There are these moments when I asked myself: Is that worth sharing? Is that an interesting thing to share about? And I think this is one of the reasons that’s holding me back from posting regularly.

PCR Test & Face-to-face School

Well, let me tell that it wasn’t even half as bad as what people around me said. I mean, really, everyone was exaggerating when they said it was painful. Truth is, it wasn’t. It was just like a poke in the nose for half a second. I’m glad I got over this fear of the PCR test that I had for half a year. And of course, the reason why I took the test was because we were heading back to school. And that’s after one whole year! Can you believe it? I was totally a nervous mess because I had no idea what and how everything will be. But after meeting my amazing friends and classmates (after one year too), everything was OK. I went to school three days for two weeks and that of course means taking the covid test every thursday to ensure I’m alright. Next week will our last week of real school for the time being and I hope it goes well. It was really hard and weird to wear the mask and gloves all the time but I guess, that’s what I need to get used to.

Fresh Strawberry Milk

I found this super easy recipe online and I thought of trying it. I’m still obsessed with those korean, asmr cooking channels which I’ve already shared in an earlier post. Anyway, I would highly recommend this recipe if you love strawberry milk and want to make it without a blender. It tastes so different than the one you make with a blender and I’m not going to lie, it tastes even better. I’m not a big fan of strawberries but after coming across this recipe, I made sure I’ve got strawberries available all the time! I made it twice so far and I enjoy making it, too!

Harvest Season

It’s officially spring and that means, it’s harvest season, too! This year the weather is so weird and that scares me because it’s due to global warming and so on (and the world is not aware of it). This year winter lasted for a short time and was not as freezing cold as it used to be. Spring is usually the harvest season for all types of veggies but this year it’s not quite so. Many of my mom’s plants haven’t bloomed yet and we’re close to summer. But at least, our blackberry tree is blooming and we get to harvest it like everyday. We’ve had this tree for so long and in fact, it is the only plant that lasted this long.

I hope everyone is having an amazing day ahead! Does anyone else feel like March is 10 times faster and we’re just not able to catch up? Or is it just me?

Anyway, Till next time.. See ya!!





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