Heyy everyone!!!

It’s our day, girls… It’s Women’s Day! I decided to share some of my favorite women empowerment quotes in this little post, in honor of this day.

This quote just strikes me everytime! The fact that standing up for yourself, as a woman is enough to empower other women.

You know, I never understood the logic of girls trying to compete with other girls. Growing up, I hated the fact that girls find competition in everything and it’s still happening even now. I mean, we are not each other’s enemy or opponent. We girls should be taught how to support each other, since a younger age so when we can grow up with the same idea. We, girls, are supposed to be fighting against men and society who don’t believe in us!

Girls support Girls! And that means we should start lifting, supporting, empowering each other.. so we, as a community, can rise!

Being soft and kind is what makes us powerful. We, women, have the strength of handling anything alongside this kindness in us and I think it is important to realize that!

Happy Woman’s Day, Queens 👑





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