Heyy everyone!

I hope everyone is having a good time. The weather is pretty cold, freezing, for the whole week. Yet I’m glad I was able to get off bed every morning to attend my online classes.

For today, here’s a little post about my bullet journal set up!

2021— Cover Page

This is my source of motivation to start off the year


I decided to not add keys which I’m not going to use much. So these are the main ones.

January Set up

Cover Page


Weekly Spread

My january spread doesn’t have a specific theme. I realized that I prefer it this way and it’s much easier for me to deal with. It’s fun to just go with the flow of creativity!

This is my favorite weekly spread of them all!

That’s all for now! How’s January so far? It seems to be going slow, which is what I love about Januarys and the beginning of the new years, in general.

Till next time.. See ya around!





17 thoughts on “My January 2021 Bujo Setup

  1. Ah, this is so aesthetic! There’s a quote you’ve pasted in that really resonates with me too.. “Healing is becoming the best version of yourself, not whoever you think you were before things got bad.”

    So incredibly powerful and reassuring! x

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