Heyy everyone! How’s things going? I didn’t except to be so busy in the first week of school. Instead of posting thrice a week, I might start posting twice or just once. I’ll try my best to write quality posts for you all, no worries. We just entered september so here, is my september bullet journal spread!

Cover Page

Weekly Spread

so, I decided to do a minimalistic theme for september since I know I’ll be busy and I won’t have time for more doodles

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25 thoughts on “September Bujo Spread | Minimalism

  1. Oooh I love the color scheme ❤️

    By the way, I’m trying to gather some bloggers to join in on a Blog Directory that I’m creating. This will help bloggers discover new blogs to follow. Would you like to join? If you do, I need to borrow your time to fill up some details about your blog, if that’s alright. 😁It’s all here in this link: https://giganticthoughtbubble.blog/2020/09/04/blog-directory/

    Thank you! I hope you’ll join. 🤗

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