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I hope everyone is having a great time. Are you guys ready for school? ‘cause honestly, I’m not. But that doesn’t mean, I’m not preparing myself for school. I’m revising everything I learnt before summer break. It’s hard ‘cause I feel like this is my first time reading the textbook.Anyway, here is a back to school post. I did a similar post last year and it was a collab with autumn girl. But for this one, I wrote real effective ways to ace this year.

Don’t Take Naps

Don’t. Take. Naps. I swear, naps just ruins my sleeping schedule. Hear me out ‘bout this one. If you don’t want to feel tired throughout the day, then you should fix your sleeping schedule, instead of taking naps. You’ve got no other choice. If you sleep late at night and wake up early, you’ll feel sleepy and eventually take a nap. This will make you stay up again at night and the cycle continues. But if you naturally feel exhausted (cause school is exhausting), then you can sleep for 30-45 minutes only or else, your sleeping schedule will get ruined.

Eat Healthy

It is, in fact, a must. But that doesn’t mean you should start a new diet or anything. Nope. What I mean by eat healthy, is eat nutritious food that will give you energy and keep you active for the whole day. Cut out those little snacks and junk foods. You shouldn’t entirely depend on them for energy. They do give you energy but that won’t last for long. Eat fruits and vegetables, as they are beneficial in all possible ways. And if you’re lazy (like me), make salads or peanut butter on toast or Granola bars.

Don’t Skip Meals

Never ever skip meals! It’s a huge mistake. Whether you are busy or not, don’t think missing a meal is okay. Last year, I had this bad habit of missing breakfast whenever I’m late and sleeping without eating dinner. The thing is, it didn’t repeat once or twice but multiple times. It happened everyday for about a month till it became my habit. But during those days, I would feel hungry before and after lunch so I would go for some unhealthy snacks. I learnt my lesson though. Never ever skip meals again. There is a reason why our parents force us to eat those meals, it’s really important. You can skip those snacks in between your meals but don’t skip the meal itself.

Revise Everyday

I’m not gonna lie, this is targeted to me. I keep telling myself to revise everything I learnt on the same day but my procrastination gets me. I don’t think it’s procrastination anymore. I think it’s the confident side in me, who thinks all my lessons are so easy and doesn’t need revision. That’s definitely wrong. Revising what you learnt today will stick in your mind till tomorrow. In this way, you won’t be able to forget it, till your exams. I understand that sometimes you just ‘don’t feel like it’, honestly I feel like that all the time. But just try, okay? Try to get something in your mind or in another way, don’t forget what you learnt. The least thing you can do is read it multiple times, it’ll get into your mind automatically.

That’s all! I usually share odd numbers of tips but lately, I don’t have much tips anymore so here ya go! I hope you enjoyed it.And by the way, a new video if uploaded on my youtube channel! Check it out, right here:

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20 thoughts on “Back to school tips | 4 effective ways to stay productive the whole year

  1. This was so helpful! I’m starting next Thursday and I know it’s going to be a stressful school year so I’ll remember to revise everyday, eat healthy and don’t take naps! I never skip meals anyway but my bus is at 7am so eating breakfast is tricky and by the time I get home it’s only 2 hours till dinner 😅

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    1. Oh! Good luck. I’m starting tomorrow and I don’t much expectations. Yeah, I should remember to revise everyday, it’s so so important. I can relate to you, my bus was at 8am and I used to wake up late everyday. But this year, I’m continuing online school so I don’t think I’ll face that anymore 😁 Good luck with school!!💕

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Thanks so much! 🥺 I hope that went well. For sure, me too! Ah I can imagine. Ooo I’m not sure whether to say lucky or not because online school and me definitely weren’t an amazing match 😅 Thanks again, hope it went well for you! 💖

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  2. The revise part is actually a great tip. I was a lazy student back then and I rely too much on my memory, that I don’t really take down notes most of the time. 😅 What the mind forgets, the pen remembers ☺️

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