Heyy internet! How’s things going? Can you believe this is going to the last week of summer? What on Earth? How? Where did time go? Next Sunday, my school is going to officially reopen. Our school gave us the choice to either continue regular school or online. Sadly (actually not), my mom is worried about us going to school everyday while this virus is till around, so we’re continuing online wise. Well, I’m getting used to it now so I’m okay with it. I’m currently trying to get all my homeworks done to be ready to face school.

Anyway, here is a little post about 4 challenges I face as a blogger, on a daily basis.

1. Time

Being a student, keeping up with both my studies and blog is pretty hard. And I know most of you are experiencing that. Sometimes, I know how to manage my time very well and sometimes I don’t (okay, mostly I don’t) But truth is, blogging takes lots of my time. I’m not complaining about it because I enjoy blogging when I’m on a holiday, like now. I, also enjoy blogging on school days cause sometimes I get a boost of motivation out of nowhere. I just have this idea in mind, that I’m gonna get a post competed in one day but I don’t think of the possibilities of being busy with other stuffs.

2. Growth

Tracking the growth of my blog and the performances of each of my posts, stresses me out. I feel happy when my posts does well and overjoyed when there’s a Boom in my stats. But when none of these happen? Yes, I feel down. I get sad. I’m not supposed to feel so, but I sadly do. I know what you’re going to say; numbers are not everything and that’s true. I even say that to myself all the time. But sometimes, I feel like numbers are everything and that discourages me a lot. It’s a challenge to get over these thoughts sometimes.

3. Priorities

My blog comes in the list of my daily priorities. I have to keep up with other bloggers and post two to three times a week. But when things collide like my school work and chores, blogging doesn’t come to my mind. I keep telling myself it’s a priority and I believe it is, but some stuffs are more important than the other. The thing is, when I have loads of school work or when I feel unmotivated, blogging starts to feel like a task. I hate to consider blogging as a task rather than a hobby cause after all, it’s a hobby for me.

4. Inspiration

Okay, I’m not alone in this right? The number of times I felt uninspired while writing or planning to write a post is infinity. Literally. What inspires me last month doesn’t inspire me today. Sometimes, my spirits are high and I feel excited to get everything done in one day. And sometimes, I’m just like; oh, I don’t feel like it and start doubting myself. This whole week is a great example. I’ve been so uninspired lately but today out of nowhere I feel excited to write two posts and shoot a video. And that’s exactly what I did. I wrote two posts and this is one of them and even shot a video, which I’m currently editing.

Can you relate to any of them?

I hope you enjoyed this little post. Till next time.. See ya!!

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23 thoughts on “4 Challenges I face as a Blogger

  1. Yes I can relate to your challenges too! Great post lovely ❤. Inspiration comes and goes. I also sometimes feel sad when my posts are not doing well. I know we don’t blog for the numbers but it is nice to see your blog growing.

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  2. I can relate to all four as well- I… when was the last time I even uploaded regularly? I’ve been posing one offs every couple of months because there’s just no inspiration and I am the world’s greatest procrastinator- My hats off to you for continuing your blogging despite this period of bleugh- 😂

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    1. Haha. I understand! Losing inspiration is the main obstacle we, bloggers, face and it’s getting annoying. I feel guilty if I don’t post for a week or so. I can’t survive two weeks without posting something. Haha… Thank you 😂💕

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  3. I agree with all of these! As a student, it is SO time-consuming trying to keep up with a blog at the same time. I massively failed on that last year and only really managed to upload 3 times and wasn’t at all active on Instagram – thankfully with lockdown, I’ve had wayyyyy more time and so it’s managable at the moment but I don’t really want to think about what it will be when I start at uni! xx

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    1. Yes! I faced the same thing back in april, when my school started. Back then, thinking about idea for a post alone was stressful. Thanks for this summer holiday, I was able to bring my blog back to activity. Good luck!
      Thank you for reading.

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  4. Hey this is such a nice and relatable post. I absolutely agree with it. I too face a lot of challenges as I am a SY student and because of my online classes and all those assignments, I am not able to give so much time to read each and every blog posts. Priorities is also a big challenge sometimes. 🥺😅♥️

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  5. I think all of us can feel this way because time managing is one of the hardest.!! Whenever I start to feel that blogging is a chore because of how much other work I have, I try to take a pause because like you so eloquently wrote, blogging is a hobby and it’s something you must love doing❤️

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  6. sadly, I relate to all of em XD
    I’ve liteerally ghosted the blogosphere for….4 (?) months now, because handling school, and college prep and other things has been difficult 😦 , It’s nice to know that everyone’s in the same boat 🙂
    also nice to see you’re still here, giving us a boost even though you’re busy yourself, I love you for that!! Keep up the good work!! ❤

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    1. I understand. My school work always gets in my way. I don’t know how I’ll handle my blog once I start uni. Aww.. thank you! For me, blogging relieves me so writing posts makes me feel better 💕

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