Outfit ideas | winter edition

Heyyyyy everyone!! (I love adding ‘y’s that way you can know how excited I am) What’s up? If you didn’t know, Pinterest is my favorite site for inspiration. I can spend hours and hours there without getting bored. I had a whole board for outfit inspo so I thought of getting ideas out of it.

Outfit Ideas


This one is COOL! I’m so in love with long skirts (even though I don’t wear them)


Simple oversized sweatshirts are the cutest!!


I’ve been so into wearing coats lately. I’ve got a new denim coat and I want to wear it all the time!


Wearing a denim jacket on my top is my usual go-to outfit. You’ll rarely see me without my jacket, no joke. Denim jacket for all season whether it is autumn, winter or even summer


Ahh. Who doesn’t like oversized hoodies? Winter is all about hoodies. It’s hoodies season!!


Yess!! Combining two of my favorite outfits!!


sooooo comfyy!!

What’s your favorite winter outfit?

Till next time.. See ya!!

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15 thoughts on “Outfit ideas | winter edition

  1. I don’t know why but I have been in love with a beige/black/brown color palette when it comes to clothing recently! There’s just something so sleek, simple and elegant about it.. I feel like people always think it’s really challenging to put together an outfit like that but the neutral tones make it easier because everything goes together xx

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