Monthly Recap— January 2020

January felt like two months

Heyy everyone!! Can you believe that January is already over? The year just began and I feel like many months had already past but reality is.. it’s still January. This was a busy month, like really busy and distractive.


We had a little exam at the beginning of january, it wasn’t a big exam that anyone would get stressed over. But it was still as important. It was hard to focus on studies when the weather is cold. It made me feel sleepy all the time. The results turned out to be unfavourable for me but I had to blame myself for that.

Another exam is starting next week, which means I’ll be really really busy burying myself in my textbooks and notes (to make up for the last exam). Anyway, exam seasons are back again cause my academic year is ending so soon. Aaand the final results is the most important thing for my parents!


The year started in a normal way, I didn’t feel any change, I wasn’t even excited about all the upcoming events (like how I used to be every year). Other than, everything happening around the world (you know what I’m talking about?), everything in my world was okay xD. I was excited to write down my realistic resolutions and had seriously tried to get into some healthy habits.

I had to do some workouts everyday or at least four times a week. It was hella useful cause now, I was able to do push ups in a proper way (at laaasssttt). I also learnt how to do sit ups (thanks to all those P.E classes).

I started cutting off my coffee consumption little by little, like I don’t drink coffee every day anymore. I started to drink more tea to warm my body when it’s freezing cold.



+ Cars 3
I feel sad and nostalgic whenever I remember that this movie existed. I mean, this movie kinda ruined my childhood dreams (or whatever you call it). See, in this movie, McQueen is not the fastest racing car anymore. Isn’t that just depressing? McQueen is like my dream car when I was a kid and another car taking over is not how I want these movie series to end. Ahh, I want to cry!! It’s so frustrating!!


+ Yummy by Justin Bieber

Ahhh- I can’t express how happy I am to see his real come back. It’s a relief to see that he’s happy and healthy at last.

+ Walls by Louis Tomlinson

His album is already out!! At last!! I’ve been waiting for this day ever since he started his career. This song is so deep and the music video was indescribable!!

+ Dance Monkey by Tones and I

Now, this one got me dancin’. This song hypes me up at any time of the day.

+ Still learning by Halsey

I love Halsey so much!! This song got stuck in my head from the first time already. Sometimes, I find myself randomly singing it and wondering which song it is.


+ Flames (by R3HAB & ZAYN & Jungleboi) music video

Now, this music video came out only yesterday. Honestly, I love the storyline and it had a lot of meaning behind it and the way it’s directed was so cool. The best thing is that the storyline was all written by Zayn. *squeals*


This quote touched me!!


Previous Goals:

  • STUDY!!–0.5— I tried 🤷
  • New year resolutions ✓— It took me so long but I did it!!
  • Upload on YouTube!!!!✓— Yess! Did you check it out?
  • Start a habit tracker (in my bujo)–0.5— I didn’t keep up with though
  • Make a schedule for studies and blogging ✘— nahh I was so busy to even remember this one.
  • Get back to reading ✘— another fail
  • ×6 blog posts (at least) ✓
  • Stay active in blogosphere–0.5— at least I tried to 🤷
  • Use Instagram (and social medias, in general) less ✘— nop, I ended up using it more.
  • Revise everyday (at least one page a day)–0.5— did this by the end of the month, so it’s still considered.

5/10.. what a great way to start the year 😂💔!

February’s Goals:

  1. Score high grades in exam
  2. Stay away from social medias (for real)
  3. ×5 blog posts
  4. Upload on YouTube
  5. Be consistent with your workouts
  6. Use your bujo more
  7. Stay motivated
  8. Maintain your sleeping schedule
  9. Get to 300+ followers

I’ll be disappearing again!! I might be posting some scheduled post from time to time. Till next time.. see ya!!

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5 thoughts on “Monthly Recap— January 2020

  1. I wish you the best of luck with your goals! This post was really fun to read, I love how you included quotes – I don’t see that often. This month I plan to spend more time blogging than on my other social medias! Maybe I can bring myself to delete Snapchat too…
    Hope you are having a good start to February x

    Liked by 1 person

      1. You’re very welcome! Blogging is that one social media that does require hard work to grow. So I find it a ‘healthier’ experience than Instagram and Snapchat.
        Happy February to you also!

        Liked by 1 person

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