#7 things I want to try this year (+new video on youtube)

(lol. I had to re-upload this post because it was full of errorrrs)

Heyy everyone!! How’s things going? I hope you guys already made up your goals for the year. So in this little post, I’ll state some things I wanna try to do this year. Honestly, these are simple goals which is not hard to achieve.

And before jumping to the post, I want you guys to check out my new upload on youtube.

#1 New dressing style

Here’s one thing about me, I dress like a tomboy. No wait, I might be a tomboy. But not all the time. When I don’t dress like a tomboy then that either means 1. It’s a special day out 2. I’m trying to look girlish 3. I’m forced to. Okay, so when I say I want to try new dressing styles, I mean I wanna start wearing different types of jeans or tops or maybe different combinations and colors (other than blue and black)

#2 Watching Netflix

When everyone is crazy about something, I’ll eventually dislike it, no offense. People around me are crazy about all of Netflix series. They keep referencing about stranger things, 13 reasons why and God-knows-what-else. And I’m there like, what’s that? So, this year, I’m gonna make myself watch these series (just to know if it’s really worth it 😂).

#3 Reading more books

I read a limited number of books in a year and most of them can be completed quickly. So this year, I’ll try to read more books and get most of the books on my wish list. I might try to read different genres, who knows?

#4 Better drawing skills

Okay, another thing about me is that I draw only outfit sketches, with a reference obviously (like copying someone else’s drawing). I’m actually proud of myself for that but sometimes, I just wish I can draw a full body including the facial expressions, to make my sketch look more natural and maybe realistic. And maybe I’ll get back to painting again.

Lmao. An incomplete sketch

#5 Blogtober/Blogmas

I really really what to try this one, at least once. I know how stressful this can be but I think it’s gonna be fun to post everyday for the whole month. The thing is, I keep forgetting about it till I see a blogtober or blogmas post in my feed. So this year, I’ll make sure to be ready for it!

#6 No sugar

I’m kinda interested in this ‘no sugar challenge’ since last year. But it’s hard to stay one week without sugar so how more a month? My dad tried this challenge and had gone 3 months without sugar. He gave me a bit of motivation to try this and I think I might try it? There is a 50% chance of me trying it 😂 cause why not?

#7 New schedules

After realizing how messed up things get when I’m busy, I thought of making a schedule for studies, blog, drawing, yt channel and other stuff I do in a day. This will seriously help me organize my time and make my blog more consistent.

Till next time.. see ya!!

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14 thoughts on “#7 things I want to try this year (+new video on youtube)

  1. Amazing goals lovely! 💖 Sounds so good! I hope you will achieve them all. I also want to read more books and be surrounded by people who care about me. Another thing is that this year is all about facing ny fears little by little such as going to the dentist.

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  2. Aha😂 I commented on the earlier version of the post! How do you manage to live without sugar??🤷‍♀️ Woah I need to learn… Your drawing skills are so much better than mine. I totally need the schedules!!!!

    Liked by 1 person

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