8 things to consider next year

Heyy everyone!! How are you doing? I hope everyone is ready for Christmas tomorrow?!? Anyway, getting closer to the end of the year, this post is a little reminder to everyone (and to me) of what might help us make 2020 a wonderful year!

8 Things To Consider In 2020

1. Self care

Starting a new year, a new decade, I’m sure all of you are aware how self love is so so important. Self love doesn’t make us selfish, it makes us feel better about ourselves and accept ourselves as who we are. I want you to remember to stay away from toxic company the moment you know it is so. Also, stay away from anything that’s gonna affecting you negatively or make you doubt yourself. It’s seriously so important to have full trust and confidence in yourself no matter what.

2. Turn dreams into reality

Starting a new decade, it just seems right to start focusing on your life and where you want to see yourself after some years. Whether you want to start a blog or a project or maybe a youtube channel, all you should do is find a way to start and make everything possible. A new year is just the right time to start again, it’s a new chance to show yourself what you can do.

3. Live the moment

Okay, this is can be another ‘live while you’re youn’g or ‘you only live once advice’. As much as you need to focus on your goals, living the moment is as important. It’s important to have fun in 2020 and enjoy what’s coming up because every year is different. Try to find happiness and joy when things are getting overwhelming. Get into reading more often or start watching new series (that you always wanted to watch) in order to escape or relieve stress. And if you’ve noticed, time flies when you don’t value it. So, live the moment, lads!!

4. Make changes

Make changes in yourself, in your workplace and maybe in the world too, why not? If you want to start a new project, then go ahead. If you want to spread awareness about a worldwide issue then get the help of your friends and family and do it. Little things you do with the aim to improve yourself or make the world a better place is helpful as it seems. I want all of you to remember that having full belief in yourself is the key to achieving all your goals. You should trust yourself, motivate yourself and never ever doubt yourself.

5. Don’t be scared to take risks

This idea came while studying business; more risk results in more profit xD. But really don’t be afraid to take risk and try new things whenever you have the chance to. If you’re not gonna lose anything then there’s nothing that stops you from trying new things. You might be shy or unsure about something but if you know you’re capable of doing it, maybe a even better than others, then all you should do is have courage and believe in yourself and everything is gonna be OK! Also, that might be the changing point of your life, who knows?

6. Find inspiration and motivation

Always stay in the positive side of everything. When you want to be productive, search for what might motivate you and make you excited to do something. See, it’s okay to take time to find inspiration again. What I’ve learnt in 2019 is that, sometimes it’s okay to take break from something you love doing in order to find inspiration. I’ve had many breaks from blogging cause my mind would go blank, like I wouldn’t even be able to edit a draft post.

7. Get out of your comfort zone

I know how you feel happy doing the things you love but sometimes I think that getting out of your comfort zone to try new things is the right thing to do. Maybe you can start reading new genres of books or listening to other genres of music you’ve never tried before. It’s good to go around a discover new stuffs and try something new when you get the chance to.

8. Be realistic

Why did I put this point in the end is because, being realistic is important while writing down goals. If you’re gonna have yearly goals then you should be sure that you’re really, like really really, capable of working on them or getting them done or else what’s the use of having goals?

Yup and that’s it! I should write these points somewhere for me to remember. And Merry Christmas to everyone celebrating 🎄❤️

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16 thoughts on “8 things to consider next year

  1. Thank you for sharing!!.. Merry Christmas!.. hope you have a wonderful Christmas and holiday filled with love and happiness!!.. 🙂

    On Christmas day and every day..
    May love and laughter light your days,
    and warm your heart and home.
    May good and faithful friends be yours,
    wherever you may roam.
    May peace and plenty bless your world
    with joy that long endures.
    May all life’s passing seasons
    bring the best to you and yours!
    (Irish Saying)

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