Monthly Recap— November

My second favourite month of the year is over!

Heyy everyone! I don’t know if you noticed but I’ve been so so inconsistent with my blog this month. Well, not just my blog, I’ve been so inactive about everything else in my life. I couldn’t even bring myself to study, I blame this cool weather for making me in a mood to sleep all day.


The main reason why I love November is because we’ll have a lot of events and celebrations happening at school.

Last week, we had an organised visit to one of the universities in this city. The purpose of the visit was actually an competition about entrepreneurship. We were divided into many teams and each team should organise their company and make it successful. It was more interesting than competitive. Honestly, as much as I wanted to reach the second level of the competition, I was more into learning about starting a business and making it successful. After the competition, we went on to meet other universities representative for our future courses guidance. I wasn’t interested in this one cause unlike everyone else, I didn’t decide what I’ll be studying in university. But after getting to know about those popular universities in our city, the available courses, the scholarships, I started looking forward to it. It was a great experience which made me know more about the courses I could study and which universities might suit me.

On Thursday, we had our yearly sports day. I would’ve done better if I was in my good health and full strength. But life is life, sometimes you win, sometimes you lose. Look at me trying to make myself feel better 😂 At least I have next year which is my last year at school as well. Hope it’s gonna my year.


I felt like my winter had already started cause school wasn’t as stressful. Also, because winter had officially started! It rained at the beginning of the month for just one day but that was enough to get us a holiday, it rained heavily for hours. It rained again last week for one day as well which resulted in another holiday and our yearly school trip got postponed. Anyways, I’m just two weeks away from my winter break! It’s gonna be early this year but I have some extra classes at the end of December which means I have more time to chill with no stress unlike last year.

Did you guys check out my video on YouTube? I thought of posting more than one video but I was busy procrastinating. I don’t know about you but November gives me Harry Potter vibes.



There’s not much one direction this month.

+ Flames by R3HAB & ZAYN & Jungleboi

My boy is back again! Once I saw Zayn’s tweet about his new collab coming up, I kept checking and tracking it everyday till it came out. I wanted this song to reach the trending list or hit a record but I guess it just takes time. Man, you should listen to it!!!

+ Don’t let it break your heart by Louis Tomlinson

The lyrics are sad and his voice made me emotionally. I feel like Louis’ songs are based on experiences and can be relatable, though all his songs have something in common like once you listen to them you’ll definitely know it’s Louis work.

+ You can’t stop the girl by Bebe Rexha

Am I late to this one? I love love love this song. It makes me feel motivated in a way cause it’s supporting girl power.

+ Look at her now by Selena Gomez

I forgot to add this to last month’s recap but I was happy to see her back! Selena my favourite artist of all time!


+ How to train your dragon: the hidden world

A part of me wants this movie series to end right here and another part of me wants it to continue forever. This movie was more emotional than exciting and the ending made me tear up— I cry for every movie anyways. And also, Hiccup is so handsome!


+ The marble collector by Cecelia Ahern

I’ve never read any of Cecelia’s books before this one and now I’ll think of reading more of her books. I thought this book will end sadly but it didn’t, it just made me realize how people can have two different sides, different lives and hiding one side from their loved ones. But despite that, you can start again.



Previous Goals:

  • Start up with simple yoga— 0.5, I stopped mid-november
  • Get back to reading ✓— gonna read more books, insha’allah.
  • Get new art supplies and stationary ✓
  • Update workouts schedule ❌
  • Get back to art journaling— 0.5, procrastinating
  • Write more creative posts— 0.5, not much but at least I did it.
  • Meet best friends ❌

3.5/7… umm not bad?

December’s Goals:

  • Get gifts for sis’ birthday
  • Have a barbeque night
  • Read new books
  • Have a cozy movie night
  • New workouts schedule
  • Upload on YouTube
  • Be active on blogosphere
  • Revise all subjects
  • Meet best friends
  • Be ready for new year

Woah! Hope I get all these goals done!

It’s just one month left to go! Have a great December everyone!

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11 thoughts on “Monthly Recap— November

  1. Such a lovely post! 😍 You did so many things. I hope you will enjoy your Christmas break soon 💕. I also loved the new songs of Selena so much and the one of Louis. It’s beautiful. I hope you will reach all your goals this month and have an amazing December ✨🎄 xxxx

    Liked by 1 person

  2. “there’s not much One Direction this month” SHOCK HORROR did I read that right ?? hahaha. Love those quotes too ! It sounds like you had a good month – I love how you write and track your goals, I need to start doing that!

    Liked by 1 person

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