5 tips to stay awake in the morning

Heyy everyone!! Hope everyone is having a great time. I’ve drafted a lot of these ‘5 tips’ posts since last month and totally abandoned them. Anyway, these tips are for students, like me, who sleeps late and struggles to wake up every morning.

And before we jump into this post, I’d like to let you guys know that I’ve uploaded a new video on my youtube channel, after two whole months! Hope you check it out:

1. Eat an apple

I eat apples in the morning cause that’s the first thing I see and because I need to chew on something the moment I wake up. I used to drink coffee in the morning, but the effect comes after one hour so it ain’t helpin’.

Look how perfectly this turned out!

2. Stretch and do little exercise

This really helps me awaken. Personally, I stretch and do little warm ups before proceeding to my morning workouts— which became my morning routine. You can do simple stretch ups to feel ready to start the day.

3. Don’t sit around

If you wake up and feel like dozing off for maybe 5 minutes then you’re just wasting time. Like, this 5 minutes will end up to 10 minutes. Personally, even if I wake up after this 5 minutes, I’ll be soooooo lazy.

4. Set your alarm 10-15 minutes earlier

Okay, for a person like me who takes sometime to get up then this will be useful. But there are times, when I’d jolt up whenever I hear the alarm which just frightens me every morning. And because of that my mom volunteered to wake me up instead of setting an alarm xD. Well, according to her, it’s not healthy.

5. Sleep early

I shouldn’t include this tip here cause as I said earlier these tips are for night owls like me 😂 But anyways, yeah you should sleep early. I keep telling this to myself but I’m already used to sleeping late even if I don’t having anything to do. But, if you know you’re gonna sleep late you better take a little nap after school/work. For me, I can work better at night when everyone is asleep ha!

Short post, I know. I couldn’t bring up much tips but these are useful from my point of view. Till next time… See ya!

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