Look at the sky #2

Heyy everyone!! Does anyone remember this series? In this series, I’ll be sharing some of my photography and I’m gonna talk about them. These are old pics and I guess it was in some of my previous posts but I haven’t talked about them yet so here they are. I found this completed post in my drafts since months so I decided to take a little break from studying (few minutes only) to post this.

What makes you happy?looking at a sky filled with clouds


I remember talking this pic last winter and the sky was always filled with clouds. And if you didn’t know, I love looking at the sky with clouds. It’s beautiful. What made this so beautiful is actually the moon and that faded line that looked like a comet— I don’t know what is actually. While scrolling I found this and remembered that I had this tumblr-ish pic existing in my gallery.

You must’ve seen these pics before as well. I can’t believe the sky was purple. It was so beautiful, this is my favorite pic. I remember looking at the sky for so long that day. I even called my mom and siblings to take a look at the sky. It was last winter as well.

I have so many memories with this pic. It was taken on the beginning of march, when my finals were close. I was stuck at home studying and it was raining heavily outside. It rained for days and days and didn’t seem to stop. Once it stopped raining the sky was like this.

This one was taken on april. It was raining heavily with strong wind and thunder, it was hella scary. The rain continued for hours and stopped. So, I went out and took this pic before it started raining again. It rained for two days!

Till next time.. See ya!!

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