Monthly Recap— September

Hey everyone!! How’s things going? Hope everyone had an amazing september cause sadly it ended in a blink. It was an eventful and stressful month but I still can’t believe we getting closer to the end of the year T^T


Honestly, I was stressed about school even before it started. I wasn’t even ready, I didn’t sleep early the day before or went to my usual ‘back my to school shopping’ until now. Anyway, the first week was stressful. My sleeping schedule was still a mess, I couldn’t take afternoon naps and sadly I was used to sleep at past midnight. I didn’t sleep well that week and ended up being sleepy at school. But thankfully, weekends helped regain all my sleep. But still, stuffs didn’t go smoothly as I expected, everything was overwhelming and the approaching exam was stressing me out already. So, yeah, I guess school just started catching me off guard.

Honestly speaking, I enjoyed my P.E classes the most. I’ve always been looking forward to it (probably the only reason I got myself to go to school). I feel like I’ve improved my basketball skills (nope, I’m not an expert but I’m not a beginner anymore).

What really scares me is that exams are starting next week. Like woah, september ended so quickly and I didn’t have time to put the right reaction. That means, I’ll be away from y’all for almost a month? But I’ll have some scheduled posts uploaded anyway.


I, honestly, miss my routine during the summer break, like blogging early in the morning, shooting videos and even cooking lunch (it became my new hobby during the break)
At last, I’ve hardly completed reading Fahrenheit 451. I was so excited to read it and it was so interesting at the beginning till the last part. It took me so long to finish the last part, and I couldn’t bring myself to complete it quickly anyways. But after all, it was an inspiring book. I’ve heard of it a lot and always wondered why it was so popular, till I read it.


Sadly, this was the only video I uploaded this month.



+ Kill My Mind by Louis Tomlinson

I seriously missed his voice! I’ve been waiting for Louis to release his single during the summer break but it ended up being released during my first week of school. So, you can guess how long I’ve been waiting for this. I hope this song gets to the trending list or something. It’s really cool.

+ Graveyard by Halsey

Halsey is queen! And I don’t even know how to describe her songs.

+ 17 by Zhavia

I really really love her. Her voice is beautiful and unique. Her songs are not generic and that’s why I hella love it.

+ Stack up by Liam Payne ft.

This song pretty much reminds me of Strip that down.


I feel like Zayn’s voice suited this song, it felt like it’s the type of songs he records. Regardless, I was surprised to see this song coming out with no warning.



Previous Goals:

  • Upload a new video(s) ❌
  • Complete Fahrenheit 451 ✓
  • Shoot many videos ❌ not even one
  • Decorate journals cover ❌
  • Get new art supplies ❌

1/5 ouchhhh! Better luck next time?

October’s Goals:

  • Study well for exam and ace it!
  • Participate in inktober
  • Continue with the workout schedule
  • Upload a new video
  • Take some autumn-themed photography
  • Enjoy autumn

That’s all for now… Till next time… See ya!!!

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6 thoughts on “Monthly Recap— September

  1. Graveyard and 17 are two of my favourite songs at the minute !! SO good. I love those quotes, too. Not every month is always as productive as we’d like it to be but that’s okay !! You still did really well. I love little re-cap posts like this – thank you for sharing !!

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