Back to school tips ft. autumn girl

Heyy everyone!! School is gonna start soon or have already started (for people like me). How on earth did the vacation end so quickly?! Anyway, today I’m back with a collab with autumn girl!! You should go check out her blog and her post eventually! You should read her posts cause they’re just cool. This post seem a bit late since I was hella busy this week but anyways here it is!!

Back To School Tips

Be really ready

Being ‘really’ ready includes being mentally and physically ready. Try to get excited (at least a little bit) for school. Put up some goals that might motivate you to do better academically. Honestly, I wasn’t mentally ready. I felt like summer had passed by so quick, wasn’t it yesterday when it was july? I start to think that something is wrong with time.

Get back to studies a week before

I’ve been trying to study the week before school and honestly, there was no much progress. I just read everything I’ve learnt earlier and kept important points in mind. I mean, there won’t be a surprise test on the first day, right?

Get new stationaries

I love shopping for new stationaries. It makes me feel ready for school. It’s like you get new stationaries as a new and better beginning— at least that’s what I feel. To be honest, I don’t buy much stationaries as I used to do as a kid (miss those days). I only get new journals and art supplies— love going to that section of the store!

Maintain different notebooks for different subjects/ purposes

This is something I want to do but I always dismiss the idea. I always take notes in a regular notebook and I try to make it look neat. But it’s really hard when you got no enough time (or lazy like me). But this is definitely a good idea that I promise myself to do! It would make things more organized.

Make a to-do list everyday

I’ve started doing this during the last weeks of summer so I won’t end the day being unproductive. I made some simple to-do list layouts for myself and I think you guys should use them as well.

You can try to stick them in your workplace so you won’t forget about them.

Fix your sleeping schedule a day or two before

My sleeping schedule was a little weird throughout the summer. Some days I would wake up early in the morning and sometimes late (at 11:00 or so). I don’t even sleep early which means I actually sleep less than usual. I hadn’t maintained my sleeping schedule even the day before school. But if you can’t fix your sleeping schedule then you should try to fix it a week before school to feel ready (which is something I should’ve done).

Make a schedule for all tasks

I always start making a schedule for myself after the first days or first week of school— to know when I’m busy and when I’m not. Honestly speaking, having a schedule is really helpful and important so things won’t mess up. Say, for me I have a schedule for my workouts and my blog— but now I should make a schedule for youtube as well.

Good luck with school!! Till next time.. see ya!!

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