Monthly Recap— August

Heyy everyone!! How’s things going? How did august end so quickly like this? And again, where did time go? Now let’s hop into my monthly recap!!


August was an eventful month and woahh it passed so quickly, especially the week before school. I made sure to complete my bucket list and have fun mostly.

I went out with my best friends two days ago and we had the best time since ages. I’ve filmed a little vlog as well which is uploaded on my youtube channel— look at me promoting my channel.

I went to the bookstore at the beginning of the month and bought only three new books cause it’s been so long since I bought or read any. I’m currently reading Fahrenheit 451, I reached the last part of the story but I can’t bring myself to complete it, it somewhat gets a little boring.

I’ve also watched Aladdin completely this time and now I’m in search for a similar movie. It was so perfect!! God, I can keep ranting about it! It felt like the original animation movie. It was funny, sad and exciting! It’s nostalgic as well, the songs ahhh! I don’t even know how to explain it. I wish I can find a movie just like it. I just can’t over how amazing it is!! I spent the last week watching interviews related to the movie and God, the cast is so diverse and I hella love them! I’m gonna add Mena Massoud to my list of favourite actors. The role of Aladdin suited him and he nailed it!!! Best actor of the best movie of the year!!See, if I were to write a post about why I love this movie, all points will be about why Mena is the best actor (in my opinion) and how he became my favorite actor XD.


I’ve uploaded a total of three videos this month alone which feels like an achievement for me. I’ve uploaded two videos this week (and I haven’t made any announcements to my fellow bloggers, my fault). I’m planning to upload many more videos next month (if I didn’t get busy with school). A surprise: there’s a video coming tomorrow, insha’allah. Take a look at my recent videos:

By the way, you can just search up ‘hiddenzzz’ on youtube and my channel will appear up. (And yeah, there’s only three ‘z’s not five)



+ A Whole New World by Mena Massoud, Naomi Scott

Don’t even question it!😂 I’m so in love with their voices here.

+ Speechless by Naomi Scott

This song is so powerful! I don’t even need to talk about it.


Do I even need to say it? You guys already know XD

+ Aladdin!!!!!!!!!! (2019)

Pardon me, I’m so so so so crazy about how perfect this movie is! I don’t know how I can deal with my craziness for the rest of the month. I’m still obsessed with the movie, I talk about it a lot. Honestly, my siblings seem so annoyed of me already. P.S. if any of you are obsessed with the movie, like me, then let’s get in touch and be best buddies 😂




Previous Goals:

  • Go shopping for school✓
  • Study and recall everything you learnt ✘— no much progress
  • Visit the bookstore ✓— bought three books!
  • Make a birthday party for mom✓
  • Enjoy Eid!— ½ , I don’t know what I’m supposed to say about it.. just I half enjoyed it


September’s Goals:

  • Upload a new video(s)
  • Complete Fahrenheit 451
  • Shoot many videos
  • Decorate journals cover
  • Get new art supplies

I can’t believe august along with the summer break ended already. Is there something wrong with time? I’m gonna see you guys in my coming post!

How was August treating you?

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5 thoughts on “Monthly Recap— August

  1. Aladdin is the BEST ‘A whole new world’ by Zayn and Zhavia is probably my favourite thing on this earth right now. Love this post, and well done for pretty much achieving all your goals for this month! xx

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