Heyy everyone!! I hope everyone is having a great day (or night). First off, I’m not an expert in writing. I have this story I started writing two years ago but I kept on changing the plot. This summer, I made a promise to myself to make some progress with the story (not cause I want to publish it or something but cause I’ve always wanted to write and complete a story). Ever since the beginning of this month, I’ve been concentrating on my little story and I found out ways that would improve and help me write my story.

5 Tips For Writing A Story

+ Have information about the characters

This is so important even before starting the story. You should have some sketch about the character’s appearance, personality, past story and stuff that defines the characters and his goals— which might be the thing that shapes the story.

+ Choose a timeline and category

Does the events of the story happen in the future, present time or medieval times? What category does the story fall in? The story might have many categories like romance and supernatural. But you should know what type of story you’re planning to write.

+ Have a plot in mind

The plot I have in mind keeps on changing whenever I get inspired. But anyway, there should be a main plot on which the story was originally built on.

+Write at least once a day

If you lose inspiration or motivation to continue writing then at least read the previous chapters you’ve written and see if you’re really satisfied with it plus you can make some changes that will improve the story.

+ Remember: changes in events might change the whole story

This is something I learnt recently and it makes sense actually. Simple changes in the events of the story can completely change the whole plot so be sure the changes you make doesn’t cause plot holes in the story.

Remember that these tips are coming from someone who isn’t an expert in writing XD. Till next time.. see ya!!

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3 thoughts on “5 tips for writing a story

  1. Thank you 🙂 these are some great tips. Especially considering I have a mind that buzzes with story ideas that never seem to get done. Haha
    Great post xoxo

    Liked by 1 person

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