Hey everyone!! It’s been so long since I’ve written a real post like this. I’ve been quite busy with Eid last week and currently working on my youtube channel— don’t worry I’m not abandoning my blog. But I’ve just realized that school is just two week away. Like, almost two months has past just like that. So, in these two weeks I’m gonna work on some main goals before school starts.

+ Start reading books

I keep telling myself to go to the the bookstore and get books I want but I’ll be distracted by other stuffs and I’ll forget it. Since school is starting soon, I need to start reading before it starts since I’ll be really busy.

+ Upload another video on youtube

I don’t know what made me so excited to start shooting and uploading videos again but I’m really looking forward to make my channel grow. I just love editing videos and stuffs— and I guess it became my new hobby.

+ Get back to studies

I didn’t touch any of my school textbooks or notebooks since summer break has started but it was always in front of me on my little shelf. I planned to start studying starting from this week so I’ll be ready for school.

+ Write some scheduled posts

I need to keep some drafts just in case I might be busy when school starts or when I’m uninspired (happens a lot). I need to schedule some posts so my blog won’t seem dead.

Short post but till next time.. see ya!!

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9 thoughts on “things to do before summer ends (little update)

  1. The school work thing…. ah…. I’ve got about 2 weeks till school and I’ve only just started my summer Hwks…. 😂
    Good luck with all of them.
    Hopefully I’ll try and do some as well 😂

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