Monthly recap— July 🔆

Heyy everyone!! I hope everyone is having a great time. I just woke up the other day and I felt like I forgot about something. When I looked at the calendar I was like: Wait, july ended already? I literally lost track of time. That means, only one month is left of the summer break.


I can’t believe my summer break is gonna end after one month. That means, I have only one month left before I get back to school. We’re also getting closer to the end of the month which makes me anxious about getting all my goals done before the end of the year.

hiddenzzz’s weekly diary & weekend

I thought of bringing these two series back to life and honestly, I missed writing these types of diary posts. This is something interesting to write since I don’t add much what I’ve done or the events that happened into my monthly recap. Most of the events that happened this month is written there so I suggest you go check it out if you haven’t.

hiddenzzz’s weekend #2

hiddenzzz’s weekly diary #3


I’ve uploaded another video in youtube this month. It wasn’t a video I took days to shoot or edit, like I did it all in just one day and immediately uploaded cause I thought it was cool. The video was meant to be for myself as a little memory or reminder in my journal of that day but I just love how it turned out so I uploaded it since I didn’t upload anything since months ago.



+ Hate me by Ellie Goulding & Juice WRLD

+ If I can’t have you by Shawn Mendes

It took me a long time to really love this song.

+ Old town road by Lil Nas ft. Billy Ray Cyrus

I didn’t like this song much once it came out and everyone was so addicted and hyped about it and I didn’t even know why. It was a cool, catchy song and a little nostalgic but it didn’t feel like my type. My brother kept playing it on and on till I somewhat liked it.


this has been my #1 motivation for the whole month


Previous Goals:

  • Post 5 blog posts ✓
  • Get back to drawing ✓
  • Get back to art journal ✓— I literally journal every single day
  • Organize instagram feed ❌— I haven’t used instagram as much as I expected and I feel like that’s a good thing so I won’t get distracted
  • Have an amazing summer ✓— in progress

August’s Goals:

For august, I’ll concentrate more on the goals in my summer bucket list cause I HAVE TO COMPLETE THEM before summer ends but here are the main goals for august:

  • Go shopping for school
  • Study and recall everything you learnt
  • Visit the bookstore
  • Make a birthday party for mom
  • Enjoy Eid!

That’s all for now! It was an interesting month and I’ll make sure to enjoy august at it’s fullest. And don’t forget to drop some questions here for my little Q&A, ask as much as you want!!

Till next time.. see ya!

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