Get ready to enjoy summer!

Heyyy everyone!! How’s things going? I hope y’all are having an amazing summer. This is my first week of summer break and here is a life update: I’m still in my lazy state. I’ve been like this for long enough and I guess enough is enough. My blog stats is so low and my instagram is nearly dead. So, in order to enjoy summer I thought of sharing some ways that might help me us enjoy summer.

This was how the sky looked today! It was beautiful but the weather was so HOT! When I went out and saw how red everything was, I told my mom: the earth is burning xD

How to enjoy your summer?

  • Write a bucket list

I do this whenever I have a long break from school. Writing a bucket list reminds me of everything I want to do since I forget so often. When I’m busy with school, sometimes I’ll have so many ideas popping up in my mind— mostly blogging idea. Writing a bucket list is a must for me, or else I would feel something is missing.

  • Find your calm place

This is so important for me when I need to concentrate on something. My house is always noisy even though I have only two siblings. Most of the time, I’ll be the one who starts up the noise by singing or hitting stuffs to start a beat and my mom will get annoyed and shut us all up XD. Anyway, when I’m reading a book or watching something, I want to be in a calm place where no one interrupts me. I would usually end up in my room with my cup of iced coffee and get the right mood. And honestly, that’s the best feeling in the world. But again, I’ll be back to my other side making the house alive hehe.

  • Start journaling

I started bullet journaling around the same time last year and I could say that’s the best thing I ever did. It did made my life more organized and all but also I use my journal for a lot more purposes. I mean, I write down my bucket lists, monthly playlist, sometimes sketch and doodle. I don’t know, sometimes, I just write down task or track important events.

  • Be productive at times

I feel like being productive is important so I won’t end up regretting procrastinating the whole summer. I mean, it’s okay to watch movies, read books and I don’t know.. watch youtube as well? But well, it’s also fun to make a progress in some of your skills. Like, for me, I try to improve my drawing skills and my art skills as well by journaling, maybe.

  • Don’t put much plans

As much as planning is a good thing but over planning (if that’s a word) is not a thing I’ll advice. I mean, sometimes you have to just go with the flow and enjoy your day. Like, I don’t wake up and expect to go out on this fine day. But sometimes, my parents decide so and we’ll go out without a plan and end up having a great memorable day.

That’s all for now!! I promise (again) to be active, this time for real haha.

Are y’all enjoying your summer?

Till next time… See ya!!

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7 thoughts on “Get ready to enjoy summer!

  1. I feel jealous that you’ve started ur summer and I’m still here like:
    *checks calendar* Today: Thursday 11th
    School ends Friday 18th
    *Sighs* A week and a day left….

    Anyways 😂 I hope ur having a great summer and hopefully I will try out some of ur ideas when my holiday starts 😂

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I really like your blog! This post is super spot-on, I always over-plan during summer because I want to feel “productive” — I think I’ll start a bullet journal to organize my chaotic mind 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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