A day in my life (ramadan edition) ft. Bayance

Heyy everyone!! How’s things going? Today I’m back with an exciting post and a collab with Bayance (plus it’s my first collab). If you haven’t checked out her blog yet, then you should do right away. In this post, as the title says, a day in my life ramadan edition.

6:15 a.m

Time to wake up to go school. When I don’t sleep enough I’ll feel tired and sleepy and I’ll end up debating whether I should go or not. But so far I didn’t miss any day of school, not to prove how studious I am but I don’t wanna lag behind especially this year. Anyway, I’ll always be sleepy on my way to school. Usually, I’ll end up sleeping in the bus till we reach school which is actually refreshing but I’ll still look sleepy.

1:30 p.m

Home sweet home. This is the time I would reach home. You can’t imagine how the weather will be at this time. The weather will be burning hot and I would run to reach my home.When I reach home, I’ll have loads of stuff to do from homeworks to reading Qur’an plus I’ll be exhausted.

3:00 – 5:00 p.m

My nap time. This is actually my usual time for taking a nap during my usual routine but when I’m not tired I wouldn’t. But during ramadan, whether I like it or not, my eyes will ask for some sleep. It is always warned not to sleep for a long time while fasting cause you don’t get the feeling that you’re actually fasting. But if you slept for only sometime and stay awake at night in an intention to be devoted into prayers and worshipping then it’s okay.

6:30 p.m

The best time of the day, why? cause it’s time to make iftar. At this time, everyone will be busy going to and fro and the kitchen will be in a huge mess. And when it’s 10-20 minutes before iftar, I always expect a knock on our door and we get some different types of food our neighbors and we give them what we’ve cooked which is like an exchange which is actually one of the traditions here. During the iftar there are many shows to watch on T.V depending on the channel. But my favorite show every ramadan was Khawater. It already ended like years ago but I still plan to rewatch it. There was also this show called Qomra with the same host, Ahmed Al Shugairi, that aired two years ago. If you didn’t know Ahmed Al Shugairi is one of my favorite personalities in this big world. His programs revolve around the improvement of countries, especially arab countries and he’d also travel all around the world to discover more about different countries. His shows are a true source of inspiration and sometimes I find some episodes emotional. Last Friday, there was a new movie-like show by Shugairi that revolve around the prophet’s (PBUH) mosque. It was an amazing show and I’ve learnt many stuff about the prophet’s mosque which I didn’t know. I suggest this show to everyone who wants to know more about this blessed mosque.

8:15 – 9:30 p.m

Time for Taraweeh prayer. After iftar, I always end up cleaning all the dishes and no, no complaining we’re all here to help each other (even if I’m doing most of the chores). It makes me feel happy to go to the mosque and pray among people. Not only do I care about the rewards we’re gonna get but also it feels nice. It’s like a change in my daily routine. I’ve also met many nice people at the mosque throughout the past years, like they were so friendly and I would always get to see them there every ramadan. Praying in the mosque especially during ramadan makes me more emotional. The prayers seem long but that’s the best things you get to think about the surah and the climax is calm and nice. Sometimes, I’ll catch myself counting what’s left but that happens when I’m having a tiring day.

10:00 pm – 12:30 am

I spend this time studying or doing my homeworks. I actually spend less time studying during ramadan but when I don’t go to mosque *ahem* for some reasons then I’ll have more time for studies. For my little exam last week, I had to do the impossible to study while dealing with everything else.

12:30 – 1:45 a.m

At this time, I take a very very small nap cause I have school the next day and also cause I should wake up for suhoor. There was this time when we went out at past midnight for a little shopping since markets are open 24/7 during ramadan. The streets won’t even be empty, it’s filled with cars, noises and you won’t get the feeling that it’s late night.

2:00 – 4:00 a.m

Again I wake up at 2am to make suhoor and also because I take long time to really wake up and get ready to cook. I’ll always find my sister awake asking me what I’ll cook and I’ll answer “whatever is in the fridge”. Okay, I always answer in a sarcastic way when I’m not in the right mood or when I just got up from bed. On weekends, I’d stay up till this time instead of talking little little naps. This is honestly the best time to be awake on ramadan. It’s the time when most of our prayers will be answered, insha’allah. Anyway, there are times when I would be so excited to cook and other times when I would just look inside the fridge for hours thinking of what to cook. When I’m tired and not in my creative-self, I’ll fry samosa and french fries and heat up some leftover food from iftar since we don’t each much during iftar. At 4 a.m, we should stop eating cause it’ll be sunrise already. I pray the morning prayer and then sleep again to wake up for school. And that’s how my cycle goes and that’s how I spend my usual ramadan.

Food ❤


If you live around arabs or came from an arab society then you’ll know that Vimto is an essential thing in Ramadan. It is basically a thick syrup you mix with water to make it a juice.

There is also ‘Tang’ which is popular around here. Tang is like a powder you mix with water and then turns into juice. I used to like it few years ago.

Samosa/ Sambosa

I don’t know how you pronounce it. But anyway, it’s with either chicken, cheese or veg. Its one of my favorite food of all time but I love it more during ramadan!!


Biryani is actually a traditional food over here and honestly is one of our main dishes. It’s actually just fried rice with chicken or meat and some spices. I don’t like Biryani all the time, like there are times when I’d be craving to eat it and times when I won’t even like to look at it. But anyway, it’s actually delicious depending on the kind honestly. I only eat chicken biryani and there is tomato sauce that tastes WoW.


source: Pinterest

Dumplings is an traditional food here, in UAE. It is basically golden, brown round-shaped sweets. You pour date syrup on top of it which makes tast better since it doesn’t really have a sweet taste.

That’s all!! Hope you guys have a blessed month!!

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16 thoughts on “A day in my life (ramadan edition) ft. Bayance

  1. I have to admit you’re spending your Ramadan in a better way than I am… *head down in shame as ancestors shake their heads* ahah

    I’m jealous of your Arabic handwriting. Can I have it??? I swear, the day my handwriting in any language (but especially Arabic) isn’t a huge mess… well unicorns will be flying and I’ll be eating cakes and still looking skinny. hahah. Hope you’re having a good Ramadan xo

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Haha I think everyone is spending ramadan in a good way though it’s ramadan after all 🤷😂
      Thank you! Though I actually don’t really like my arabic handwriting its so small and seems messy.
      Hahah😂😂 Hope you have a blessed month❣️

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Aaah GIRL I just loooooved this post. I can’t wait to do mine next week but trust me, yours is like 100 times better. Brooo the contemplating whether to go to school or not is so relatable ugh. You have to wake up an hour earlier ouch but usually I’d wake up 6:45 but now I sleep all the way until 7:45 so I have like ten minutes to get ready. Loving the organization but my mind can’t break out of that routine haha. I LOVED AHMAD AL SHUGAIRI AAH. Best. ramadans. ever. when he was doing Khawater. I’M LOVING THE FOOD CHOICES yassss samboosa. My mom just made meat ones and she also made waraq inab which I used to love but I threw them up once so now I’m kinda salty. Anyways, love love love this post. And omg yes those dumplings were the UAE specialll. They used to call them gemat there haha. Your posts are getting better and better girl ❤

    Liked by 1 person

    1. THANK YOU SO MUCH!! I don’t know what to say!!
      Honestly, school with ramadan don’t go together. What Ramadan is it without Khawater?! sambosa and waraq inab are LOVE!! Haha ramadan is incomplete without Gemat xD.
      And thank you again!!!❤️❤️❤️ I’m excited to read your post though!!

      Liked by 1 person

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