Ramadan diary #4 🌙 | it’s back

Heyy everyone!! Remember this series? Since it’s ramadan, my ‘ramadan diary’ series is back again. If you guys remembered, last ramadan I made a new series called ramadan diary where I post everything I did or happened during the weeks of ramadan. You can check my previous ramadan diaries here:

Ramadan Diary #1

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Ramadan Diary #3

This post is so late like ramadan started on Monday and here I am posting this. Anyway, it’ll be a short post since it’s only the first week and I don’t have much to share.

Now Enjoy!

Ramadan is here

What is Ramadan?

It is the nineth month of the islamic calendar and is the holy month of the islamic year. In this month, we, muslims are supposed to fast (no food or drink) from sunrise till sunset. Fasting is does not only mean not eating or drinking but also means staying away from sins and getting closer to Allah (God). Other than our five daily prayers, we are supposed to recite the Qur’an, pray Taraweeh— which is basically the extra prayers after the Isha prayer. Isha is usually the last prayer but taraweeh comes after that. In short, in this month, we are all dedicated to do good deeds. In fact, one good deed multiplied.

Ramadan for me

For me, I see ramadan as a time when I get to improve myself and get closer to God. Every year, I would put up some goals in Ramadan and there are some goals that is left unachieved. Because of these unachieved goals I try to achieve them in the coming year and so on. Last year, I planned to complete reciting the Qur’an or at least reach somewhere in the end but I didn’t. I somehow just reached the middle and couldn’t complete it. I was really bad at managing my time. But this year, I promised myself to achieve most of the goals I put up. I was unbelievablely ready and excited for Ramadan this year which I believe is a good thing. Today is the sixth day of ramadan and I feel like it’s the 20th day or something. So far, I think I’m doing good though. I’ve completed one part of the Qur’an everyday. My sleeping schedule was a mess in the first day. When I came back from the evening prayer, I was really sleepy and couldn’t study or do anything. But thankfully, I’ve dealt with everything.

How to make use of Ramadan?

While fasting we get to feel what the poor people feel when they don’t have anything to eat. You get to understand what the poor around the world are going through. In ramadan, people rush to do good in all ways possible. Ramadan can be seen as a new start for you to be better. It’s like a practice to be close to Allah.

Charity Plans

In ramadan anything you do can be a charity. Smiling at someone, helping your mom, giving food to people, or even donating your old clothes can all be considered charity. For this year, me and mom planned to distribute little snacks to people around us, not only to our neighbors. This is the easiest thing any one can do and you’ll get great rewards (insha’allah). Not only that, but also you’ll feel happy that you’re making people around you happy. We planned to give food to people passing by our area, whoever they are. The snacks will include some dates, which is necessary to break your fast, juice and some sweets. I’m so excited to do this cause I’ll be doing something outdoor, instead of staying at home with my usual routine.

Charity Challenges

I’ve found this plan online while scrolling through instagram few days ago. It’s all about different ideas anyone can do throughout ramadan.


Since it’s ramadan, wearing modest clothes is essential since it’s a holy month, either ways that’s what every muslim girl is obliged to do. Usually, I would wear my casual, plain abaya to the mosque. I would go on with my plain, black hijab, literally that’s the only hijab I wear all the time. Its actually hard for me to choose which hijab will match up with my outfit so I wouldn’t bother myself. Lately, while cleaning up my closet, I’ve found this grey hijab in my closet that I believe is there since a year now. I thought of trying it on with the abaya and damn I loved it. It just matches up with my abaya and the material is so good. I actually plan to get different abaya with different designs since I’ve grew tired of the plain one and even my mom is tired of it. There are so many plans in my mind and currently I’m motivated to do anything.


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6 thoughts on “Ramadan diary #4 🌙 | it’s back

  1. Before my late wife passed away she were visited by a Chaplain, the Chaplain ask her if she had a religion and she said “no”, the Chaplain then ask her if she believed in the hereafter and she said “yes”.. the chaplain then said “Good, for it is what is in the heart that matters, not a name above a door”… whatever you wish to believe, your answer lie in your heart… 🙂

    “It is not easy to find happiness within ourselves, and it is not possible to find it elsewhere.” Agnes Repplier

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