Monthly Recap— April

Hey everyone!! It was hard to remember every single thing that happened during this month since it felt like a really loooooooooooong month. I double triple checked this post to make sure I added everything. April started slowly but ended so quickly and I didn’t even realize that. Honestly, I didn’t want april and spring to end since it was the first time I enjoyed spring like this— maybe cause of my plans.

Now let’s jump into the post!!


School was so fun this month. We had so many events all coming up in my face without any warnings.

As you guys might’ve already known, my new academic year had started and I had entered commerce stream. My parents wanted me to enter science stream since it was the highest stream and also because I was eligible for it. I won’t say they were disappointed but my dad wanted me to enter that stream for a long time. Anyway, I convinced my parents that the stream I choose now doesn’t matter to me because I’m not planning to be a doctor or an accountant— or anything within science or commerce stream. I plan to become something within the studies of law or generally arts. For my own good, they advised me to go for a course that will be useful for me in my future which will get me a better job. But so far I haven’t thought of any course that’ll get me a better job. All I’m thinking about is having a job that includes everything I love doing, etc, etc. Anyway, I thought that everything will start off slow but it didn’t. The first week of class was fun, getting to know the teachers and we only learnt the basics. In the second week of school we had two days of holidays because of the rainy weather. Cool, huh? We’ll have a little exam this month. I’ll try my best to score high marks since it’s the first exam of the year.

We had our school election— like every year— which is the best thing of the year. We had crazy campaigns before the election and we had loads of fun. I’m just proud of my classmates for participating in election and guess what? They got it!! Most of them got a position in our school parliament. Questions like ‘why didn’t you participate?’ or ‘try to participate’ doesn’t have an answer. I don’t have any courage to go up on stage and introduce myself and aims. I might try next year since next year is gonna be my last year at school. But after all, this is not my thing.

We also had our school exhibition yesterday which happens every 4 years. The last time we had it was when I was in 7th grade. Other than missing classes, I love working on something even though it’s hard to get the work done. I also learned to work with people and getting along with them. It added up to my confidence and courage.



Ramadan is so close like really really close. It’s on Monday!! Actually it’s not yet decided but it’ll make more sense if it’s on Monday, according to the islamic calendar. I can’t describe how happy and excited I am. I feel like I’m ready for it unlike the previous years. I’ve made up my mind to improve myself and achieve as much as I can this year. But just like the previous years, it’ll be hard to deal with ramadan activities and school. You know I should read Qur’an and pray Taraweeh (evening prayer) everyday plus making desserts (okay that’s for me xD). But anyway, in ramadan everything feels different, from waking up in suhoor (what we eat in the morning) to making iftar (what we eat in the evening which ends our fast of the day) and then going to the mosque and sitting with my family at night. I love Ramadan Vibes!!

Blogging & YouTube

My blog is one year old. I feel so happy and proud of myself. Time goes on so fast and I can’t keep track of it. My blog has transformed so much it got better and even organized. It took me so long to write my blogiversary post. But it was refreshing to look back and see how much my blog has changed, to the better of course. Other than that, I enjoyed blogging a lot this month, maybe cause I had many ideas or maybe cause I was able to write posts without procastinating. Well, I made up my mind to write a small part of a post each day or at least add something in my drafts. You can say, I was trying to be pretty consistent with my blog.

As I’ve mentioned in one of my previous post. I’ve uploaded an art video on my YouTube channel. I haven’t made a schedule for my channel yet but I’ll be working on it. I’ve planned to do more art videos cause I believe that it’s my thing plus I’m improving my skills. I have some troubles placing the cam plus editing and rendering the video takes most of my time. Anyway, be sure to watch the video (if you haven’t) at least in 720p or 1080p or else it’ll be in a really bad quality.


I took this pic after the rain. Isn’t it beautiful?

Mood board

I totally forgot to share this earlier!!

I love how this turned out. I used picsart— for the first time to edit this


Sour Diesel (Music Video) by Zayn

I was about to forget about this music video which got released on the beginning of this month. It was actually released last year (I guess) on Apple Music so I waited for it to get uploaded in youtube. The video was just as cool as all of Zayn’s music videos. Just like his other videos this one felt like an action-drama-kinda movie which was hella cool. Honestly, this is the thing I love about his videos. Now that I watch this one, I feel like his videos are all related to each other. I don’t know yet which one to place first or how to sort it out, anyway. But some of his previous music videos, you can see him having the same suitcase as in this one so you can see how they’re related. At least for me.

Did I just waste your time talking about a music video? Bear with me I love Zayn and sometimes I feel that he’s underrated.


+ Without you by Halsey

Why did I came to know about this song just recently? This song is damn amazing. It got stuck in my head since the first time I listened to it.

+ Boy with luv by BTS ft. Halsey

If you haven’t heard this yet then, YOU should listen to it now. It was just like all of BTS’ songs, amazingggg s always. Plus, Halsey got featured in it.

+ I can fly by Lana Del Rey

This is the first song of Lana that I’ve listened to and OMG I can’t stop listening to it. The lyrics and her voice are just perfect.

+ Still got time by Zayn ft. PARTYNEXTDOOR

Why did I get back to this song all of a sudden? I don’t even know. But it was nice to get back to this song after a long time.

Movies / Series

Banat Al Molakama

(It’s literally translated into ‘Boxing Girls’)
For this month, I started watching a new series and it wasn’t like any other series. It’s a saudi series which got released on March. I’m not a huge fan of arab series since all of them has the same kind of drama. See, the reason why I started watching this was because Moha, one of my favorite YouTuber, acted in this series. I only watched the first two episodes and somehow I liked the story. I didn’t find any summary online so I’ll be writing my own.

The story talks about Njoud, who’s a saudi girl. She has an interest in boxing and went to USA and become a well-known boxer. But she lost in her last match and went violent against her opponent calling her a cheater. The news got spread and people called her crazy and claimed that she didn’t have sports spirit. Back at home, her family had different opinions and reactions about her. Her mother and brother disliked the change that caused her after she returned from the USA. But her father and sister supported her interest and stood by her side despite everything. After returning from the USA, her thoughts had changed about how things work around her. In a way, her change will cause many changes in her life and her family. Everything is now against her but will she give up on her dream?

What I loved about this series is that her thoughts expressed the thoughts of many girls whom are raised up in an arab household. In some or most of arabic families, girls are be denied their interest cause some parents think that it’ll change their behavior and make them go away from their culture and heritage. I loved this show cause it describes women’s strength and their will to achieve their dreams. It describes all the struggles women face and how they’re treated in society.


I found this on instagram and OMG this hit me hard

I should always include one of Morgan’s quotes everywhere!!


Previous Goals:

  • Achieve everything in your spring bucket list ✔
  • Post at least 5 blog posts ✔
  • Meet your best friends ✘— I honestly, didn’t expect both me and my best friend to be busy.
  • Visit the bookstore ✘— I guess I’m gonna go buy books during the summer break.
  • Post a book review ✘— I started writing the review for a long time now. It’s about to be completed but I feel like something is lacking.

I didn’t achieve much but I’ve done everything on my bucket list so yayyy!!

May Goals:

For this month’s goals, I’ll include my regular goals plus my goals for ramadan.

  • Study well for your coming exam (don’t procasinate)
  • Make a schedule
  • Do a ramadan collab
  • Go for an iftar with your friends (at least once)
  • Complete one part of the Qur’an each day (you can do it!)
  • Complete the Qur’an in turn
  • Cook different dishes for Ramadan
  • Do some ramadan-themed photography
  • Upload 2 videos on YouTube

April was a cool month. Can’t believe the fourth month is over and we’re close to mid-2019 already.

Till next time.. See ya.

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10 thoughts on “Monthly Recap— April

  1. Ik I’m late but then again when am I ever on time but I wanted to say Ramadan Mubrak and I hope you’re having a good iftar 😊 ❤️ Great post and I have to admit I love Without you it’s amazing but if I’m being honest Boy with love by BTS I have to admit I have songs by them that I like more.
    Then again I’m not a hardcore fan so I don’t exactly know much about them… heheh 😂

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Happy blogiversary lovely !! Here’s to many more years, time flies by fast right?? I love these types of posts and how in depth you are with them, I always love getting to sit down and have a good old read! xx

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Thank you for sharing a part of your world and those wonderful photos and video!!.. a teacher once told me that the day I need not gather anymore knowledge were the day of my funeral so I am still learning… 🙂
    With all this technology, there is no doubt in my mind that you young people will be a great deal wiser than I ever hope to be and the world will be a better place for it!.. 🙂

    “ I am currently attending the School of Life, learning more about the universe and me, and Graduation Day will be the day of my funeral and it is then I will know if I failed or I succeeded and graduated”… (Larry “Dutch” Woller)


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