Optimism Award

Heyy everyone!! so here is another tag I was excited to do. It was made by the amazing Bayance (another reason why I’m excited) and I also got nominated!!!! Honestly, this is a huge pleasure, Bay.

And now here is the criteria I copied:

This award is for bloggers who are community-minded citizens in the blogosphere and beyond. This blogger is kind, considerate, helpful, responsible and reliable. This blogger is actively engaged with their audience and the bloggers around them. This blogger is admirable and someone who lifts others with a positive and optimistic attitude. If you get tagged for this award, congratulations, you truly made a difference in the blogosphere.


  1. List three things you’re most grateful for (if you get tagged again, you can add 3 more or think of your own three things question or just ignore the first rule for your second time)
  2. Answer the 7 questions given to you from the previous nominee.
  3. Ask 7 new questions (or use some of mine) for your new nominees.
  4. Tag 3-7 bloggers that made a positive difference and state why beside their name (it can be one thing you like about their blog)
  5. Congratulations and enjoy unlimited positivity from all of us!

Three Things I’m Grateful For:

  1. My family and friends
  2. My religion
  3. All the Blessings

7 Questions

1. What was the best year of your life so far and why?

My best year ever was 8th and 10th grade. I had so many amazing memories back then and whenever I recall it I smile and laugh at times. 8th grade was still the best one so far. It was when I had my best friends beside me and we were always together having fun and creating problems at school XD. I was able to express myself when I’m beside them so I wasn’t being all the way shy about anything. 10th grade (which was last year) was a cool year but I can’t call it ‘the best’, it was just better than 9th grade since I had the enough courage to talk to anyone and socialize.

2. What was the biggest problem you faced and how did you overcome it?

This is something hard to talk about. I always keep everything negative so I wouldn’t create a negative vibe. Anyway, one of the main problems I’ve faced ever since 9th grade was loneliness. In 9th grade, I had hard times making friends and getting along with my classmates. I would always mind my own business and often feel sad when I remember how me and my best friends used to a cool squad. I made some friends last year and that was cool cause I didn’t expect I’d be close to them or even consider them close friends. Many of my classmates left this year and my friends were among them. This left me kinda shocked for the first day and I thought of what I might face. I hated the fact that people who became close to me is leaving and I’m still where I am. But when I think about it now, I think everything happens for a reason. If I haven’t went through all these I wouldn’t be socializing and talking with everyone around me, I would probably be so self-centered. I pushed myself to talk to my classmates and did make a friend from the beginning of this year already.

3. What’s your favourite fast food restaurant?
I think it should be Pizza Hut. I love their chicken fajitas pizza so much. I also love the different crusts you can choose for your pizza.

4. If you could have one thought pop into people’s head when they first meet you, what would it be? (essentially what first impression would you like to give off)

Let’s talk and open up a conversation and be friendssss

I’d like to let them know that I’m a person they can talk to. I might not be really good at starting a conversation but when someone talks with me I can join the conversation and never end it. If I’m sitting with a talkative or friendly person I’ll be able to get into interesting conversation.

5. If everything in the world was one colour what would you want it to be? (it could be different shades)

I would want the world to be all shades of purple and pastel blue. I love purple ever since I was a kid and I still love it. Pastel blue is such a cute color and it would match with purple.

6. What’s the most scandalous/terrible thing you did as a child?

Okay so this happened long ago like when I was 6 years old, I guess. So me and my brother had one dresser for our clothes since we were kids back then. In the that dresser, there are only three layers. The highest layer was for our winter clothes and the second/middle one was for my clothes and the last one was for my brothers clothes. One day I sat on the second layer of the dresser, probably trying to see if it’ll hold me. At first nothing happened so I did it again and again till BANG! It fell off. The clothes fell and it was a huge mess. I didn’t want anyone to know what I’ve done so I closed the doors of the dressers and left the room as if nothing had happened. It was during the day and I guess my parents went out and none of my siblings entered the room. But when my mom got back and she opened the dresser, she got shocked. And of course, everyone rushed to the room including me. My siblings denied and said they that didn’t do it while I just stood there and said: I don’t know, in the most innocent way I can. In a way, my mom knew that I was the one who did it and I felt bad for her cause she had to arrange all the clothes that collapsed and kept them in another dresser till this dresser gets repaired. But the dresser didn’t get repaired cause it was hard to change it’s position so we left it like that until we moved after a year of the incident. Anyway, we still have the same dresser even after moving to our current house. Our clothes are in different dressers now which is much more organized and don’t worry I didn’t repeat the mistake again 😂😂.

7. What’s your favourite thing about yourself?

I think I’m optimistic. I love being positive and I always look forward for things to get better. There are times when I’d be really dark and negative but then everyone goes through such situations but I would always look to the bright side.

My Nominees

Minnu — what can I say about your blog? It’s just so positive and includes everything that can inspire anyone.

Crystal — you’re one of the first blogger I knew ever since the beginning of my blog and I’m grateful for you being around for so long. I love your blog cause you share everything you have in mind

Autumngirl — I love your little ideas and tips. They’re simple and cool. I love all your posts that talk about books since I always look forward to new books.

Isa — your blog is so organized and I love all your contents, it gives me a positive vibe.

Questions from a teenager — from art to music to books you’re really creative. Your blog includes stuffs I love and I love reading each of your posts.

Chloe Luna — you’re an angel. I can’t describe how much I love what you write. Your deep talks touches my heart and makes me look at life in a different way. I love your aesthetic hauls, they’re so cutee.

My Questions

You should thank me for the effort I took to write these questions, okay? I included all interesting questions.

1. If you’re able to become some kind of a super hero to fix an issue in the world? What issue will it be?

2. ‘Obstacles and hardships make us stronger and better’. Define this in your own way.

3. What do you love about the sky above you?

4. What was the best thing about your childhood that today’s children lack?

5. What is the highest thing you want to achieve in your life? And why?

6. Is there any fictional character that expresses all your thoughts and feelings? Which character is it?

7. If you got a chance to speak with a celebrity/singer what will you say to him/her?

I would appreciate it if you did this tag and spread it all around the blogosphere.

Till next time… See ya!!

13 thoughts on “Optimism Award

  1. Ohh why are you so LOVELY. Thank you so much! YOU’RE an angel. This is such a great tag and I loved your answers – I always think it’s nice when someone takes the time to answer the questions in full since another person has spent time thinking of things to ask in the first place. Your questions are also so interesting !! Excited to answer them hehe. Thank you lovely! xx

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you so much!! I always feel like it’s important to answer some questions thoughtfully. Haha I’ve tried hard to include so many interesting questions!
      Thank you for being so sweet❤️❤️

      Liked by 1 person

  2. so why is everything about this post perfect? To start off, your featured image? I’m shook. Girl it is MY pleasure that you answered these so so well! Omg girl I TOTALLY relate to your 9th grade year. So with me, everything was shifted back a year in context to your experience. I had the squad in 7th and lonliness in 8th. So in 7th, I had such a great group of friends, had so much fun and made so many memories. But in 8th when I moved back, I went to a brand new school where I’d usually adapt but it just wasn’t the vibe I was getting in 7th. I spent so much time walking by myself at lunch and some days I’d just sit in the bathroom until the bell rang. Omg that sounds so sad that I think of it but it actually turned out good in the end. Just wanted to let you know that I completely get you and that it definitely happened for a reason because it taught me independence and it probably taught you something too. It’s a sucky feeling though and I’m so happy you opened up about it! OMG giiiirl so scandalous! xD I remember I broke something once, ran to the basement and just kept reading surat al fatiha and making duaa that my parents don’t yell at me lmaooo. They weren’t even mad so I guess the duaa paid off alhamdullilah. 😂 And yess girl – optimism is the best!! LOVE this post ❤

    Liked by 1 person

    1. OMG!! Thank you so muchhhh!! I’m so speechless! It’s actually so sad when I remembered what happened in those years. It was so lonely and I used to find many ways to keep me busy during my free time at school. But as you said, it taught us lessons and I believe it made me better. No one will believe how naughty I was when I was a kid!!😂😂 OMG!! SAME!! There were times when I would make duas to get out of troubles. Amazing Childhoods. ❤️

      Liked by 1 person

  3. Interesting, I had never heard of this award before reading this. I love the fact that you gave long answers instead of one sentence or something, it really made me feel like I was getting to know you better. Thanks for the nomination and your kind words x

    Liked by 1 person

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