hiddenzzz turned 1 | challenges, goals & more

Yayyyy hiddenzzz turned 1!! I can’t believe it!?

Heyy everyone!! I’m so excited and happy that today April 24th is my 1 year blogging anniversary!! Imagine on the same day last year, I posted my first ever blog post. I can’t believe it’s one year already, where did time go? It felt like yesterday when I had 50+ followers and was overjoyed!! When I look back at my old posts I feel proud of myself that I didn’t abandon blogging. I do cringe while reading some posts XD. But I believe that if you cringe at your old self then that means you’re improving.

In this post, I’ll be sharing about my blogging journey— how did it started and why did I start blogging. Plus, all the challenges I faced, what I loved about blogging and my goals!!

But before we jump into the post, I’d like to let you guys know that I changed my icon— this is the last time I’m gonna change it.

I feel like this one is the perfect one. It’s my cup of coffee plus my bujo in the behind—which is not clear. What I loved about this pic is that it’s all about the stuff I love.

Now, let’s jump into the post!!

How Did It All Start?

Well, I stumbled over an instagram account which was actually a blogger’s account. I’ve heard of WordPress before and made some research about it but I never made up my mind to start a blog. I didn’t know we can start a free blog, anyway. Plus, I always thought writing is boring and no one will have any interest in whatever I’ll post. So I made up my mind to discover more about blogging. Thankfully, it was April so it was the beginning of my new academic year and I wasn’t so busy then. I posted my first blog post with no introduction cause I didn’t know how to start, honestly. I thought that I’m gonna abandon blogging after a month or two, but did I? Obviously not! I posted one blog and another and another. I loved reading different posts and even writing them. Blogging became a huge part of me. I read many posts when I’m bored or free and write them when I felt like.

Why Did I Start Blogging?

Actually, there was no exact reason. I stumbled across a blogger’s account and got into the blogosphere. When you think about it seem like a coincidence. I was bored to death during my long summer breaks. I used to stay up all night in front of the television or watch stuff online, read books sometimes, draw or just use instagram the whole day. My ‘little world’ was all about these. I grew bored of it and always regretted not achieving much when I get back to school. I made up my mind to organize my time and self and make up a routine for 2018 and without blogging I wouldn’t have done that. At first I hesitated, I thought to myself of how ordinary my life seemed so it wouldn’t be interesting to share about myself. But I don’t think your life should be a special one like those of celebrities to start sharing it. People might find my music taste, my photography, my life, my plans, interesting or inspirational. Even if my blog is growing slowly, I’m still proud of it. I’m proud of the 100+ followers I got and I even look forward for more.



Being a 10th grader, I was supposed to focus on my studies exclusively, since the final exam was the most important one in my lifetime. Being a student and a blogger is hard. In the beginning, I posted on summer break and I thought that I’ll be able to make a schedule for my blog. But what happened was something else. Even though I made a schedule for writing a post, I couldn’t maintain it. It seemed easy said than done cause I would usually delay it till we reach thursday and I would post it then. So often, I would have a post to write and a test or exam to study for. In situations like these, I would obviously choose to study instead of posting or writing that post cause I have priorities, you see?


The times when I would run out of ideas are countless. When I’m busy with studying I would have tons of ideas for posts coming up in my mind but when I’m ready to write one it’s all gone. Even though I overcomed this problem by writing down my ideas yet the content won’t be the same as I had in mind.


Blogging is time consuming, I had to admit it. Searching for ideas, writing the post, editing it, taking pictures, it’s not at all easy. I had to search in my phone gallery for some pictures that would suit the post and if I didn’t find I should take one. At times, there’s a need to make some research about a particular thing to be exact which takes more time.

What I Love About Blogging?

It’s fun

This was the first and main reason why I started my blog. It’s fun to write blog posts about stuff you like, stuff you did, to express yourself and talk more about yourself. Despite how blogging can be time consuming I still enjoy working on posts and that’s what counts. I always felt happy and relieved when I post something after all the effort it took to complete it.


The blogosphere is the best community in the internet. Everyone here is so supportive and their comments are hella ‘cute that I find it hard to express it in words. When I get a comment or a reply on my comment, it encourages me and literally makes my day better.

Organized my life

I’m not an organised person. I would delay a lot of stuff and even forget them at times. But when I started blogging, I had to organize my time and prioritize. I discovered ‘bullet-journaling’ through some bloggers and made it a habit to note down everything I should do for the week. It helped a lot honestly. I used to wake up early even on summer breaks and even on weekends to write a post so I can post it without things getting all piled up.

Expressing myself

I get to talk about more about myself, stuff I like and dislike, my plans, favorites and so on. It’s unlimited and that’s what made me love it. No one is gonna judge you here instead they support you and encourage you.

Improved my grammar

Writing is a really good way to improve your grammar and writing skills. I’ll be lying if I said that I had perfect grammar. I mean, I had a good and right grammar but it wasn’t as perfect as british ones. I also learnt many ways of writing, I learnt to use new words even in my daily life.

Getting to know people

Through the blogosphere, I got to read many blog posts written by different people about different topics. I got into creative, useful and deep posts which helped me look into life with positivity and understanding. When I read deep posts especially about mental health, I get to learn more about people and the world. I believe that it changed me and made me an even better person.



I know I never did a collab, maybe cause I never considered it. But I look forward to do so.

P.S. it’s gonna be soon, so soon 😉

Being Consistent

I’m not at all consistent and that’s actually annoying. At times, I would post everyday or every two days and at times I barely post in a week, this is really inconsistent. Actually, that’s one of the main reasons why my blog is growing slowly.

Thank You

Special thanks to every single one of you cuties who liked, followed, commented or just read my blog posts. It’s just so nice to have people here who love reading what I write. I’m really happy I got into blogging and got to know everyone of you— it changed my life. I hope I continue blogging and get to know more and more bloggers. Thanks to everyone who was with me ever since the beginning of my journey, I hope you guys continue with me in my little adventure.

See you in my next blogiversary, inshallah!!

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