Monthly Recap— March

The third month of 2019 is over already?! You must be kidding me!

Heyy everyone!! Its supposed to be spring but for the whole month it’s been freezing cold, and it rained few days ago. God knows what’s wrong with this whether!? But hey, I’m not complaining, I love winter. Anyways, my mom said that spring is gonna start on April which means that it’s gonna last only for one month, ughh. Usually, spring starts from mid-march till April which means one and half months, I guess, but this year it’ll be different. I’ve already wrote down my spring bucket list which I’ll be sharing anytime later. My exams are over so I’ll be having loads of free time. Talking of which, how was March? I don’t have much to talk about except my exams cause it was the only thing that’s been bugging me for the whole month.

School, Exams & Stress

Exam? Don’t ask me about it? I’m currently really anxious about my marks. Ugh. The results are not yet out and it’s gonna be out on May!! Can you imagine? This result thingy will really be bugging me till then. I had math as my first exam and I had about one week of preparatory holiday which was filled with stress and expectations. I was on the verge of crying the night before exam. But during the exam, I was really really scared. Man I was shivering, no joke. When I reached school I was even more scared, I never felt this scared for an exam. I repeated my prayers in my head at least a thousand times. I kept telling myself: If you mess up this one, it’s all over. Take a deep breath. It’s gonna be alright. Well I was actually freaking out. We had three hours for this exam and this three hours felt like an hour, can you believe it? When we went out of the class, I was anxious but when my classmates and friends asked me about the exam I was relieved. My math teacher asked me about the exam and my expectations, well actually that made me feel better and a bit relieved.

Anyway, I’m not longer a 10th grader. At first, I was like yayy but then I haven’t decided on the stream I’m gonna enter next year. I love humanities but I don’t know what does my parents think. I can enter science or commerce stream but do you think I wanna study physics again or accountancy? No, no way. The subjects in humanities stream sounds fun, there are: history, physcology, art, literature and maybe much more. These are the stuffs I usually love studying.


I feel like everything is back to normal. I can finally, relax and enjoy a little bit before school starts again. It’s like I’ve been in a different world and just came back now, that’s really really weird. March was filled with many events (at least for me), from my brother’s and father’s birthdays to women’s day and mother’s day. And where were I? Stuck at home studying the whole day obviously. But hey, it’s gonna be spring!! I’m not really excited for spring since it’s gonna last for a short period as I said earlier but still it’ll neither be hot nor cold so yayy.


This is so beautiful 😍❤️

My March Spread

I made my March spread a bit ‘study-based’ theme

March moodboard


Fairy Lights

At last, I got the fairy lights I wished for. I actually wanted this to be one of the gifts for my birthday but then my sister got these for me. Actually, my whole family (except me and my brother obviously) went out to get some gifts for my brother and my little sister saw this one and bought it for me. Isn’t she sweet?😂


+ Two of us by Louis Tomlinson

I actually listened to this yesterday.


March was a month of challenges. I had to write down many motivating and inspiring quotes in my journal. Plus some quotes for women’s day.


The most frustrating thing that happened this month was that many of my favorite movies began airing on T.V for the whole month. T.V. is a distraction but not like using social medias, I can stop watching the T.V anytime when I want to like I can control myself. Movies usually air on weekends and after watching a movie I would study non stop till the end of the day just to complete that day’s portion.

Anyway, I watched a lot of movies that I can’t remember all of them. My favorite was: Home, Inside Out and rewatched Big Hero 6. Baymax will always be my favorite!


April’s Goals:

  • Achieve everything in your spring bucket list
  • Post at least 5 blog posts
  • Meet your best friends
  • Visit the bookstore
  • Post a book review

Previous Goal:

  • Score high marks in my finals

Well, as I said earlier my results will be out on May so we’ll wait till then XD.

That’s it for now!! I’m gonna post so many interesting posts so stay tuned. Till next time.. see ya!

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12 thoughts on “Monthly Recap— March

  1. Great post! I really like your spreads for March, they are just so neat, pretty, organised and functional! 💞 I’m glad that life is settling down for you and I wish you all the best for April x 😊

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  2. I feel so bad for you but I have SATs after the holidays so I guess we’re pretty even. Btw SATs are a bunch of tests you do in year 6 and they determine which set you’ll be put in according to your grades

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