exam season #2

Hey there everyone!! How’s things going with y’all? so this was the post that was actually scheduled for yesterday but well I was really lazy yesterday so here it is now. Anyways, if you remembered earlier I posted: My current struggles | exams >.< when my first term exams started so since my finals are gonna start in about two weeks, I thought to make a part 2 for that series. In this post, I’ll share little advices that can help.

+ find a place to study

Finding a comfortable place to study is all you need so you can start studying. You can either study on your bed or on your study desk. For me, when I have something to memorize then sitting in my bed is much more comfortable. But if I got to study math then I’d obviously need to sit by my study desk and practice some questions. But hey, make sure your study desk is clean and arranged so it won’t ruin your mood.

+ stay away from distractions

I keep saying this to my mind but it’s really hard to resist. My main distraction is my phone. Even if I logged out from all of my social media accounts, there’s always something that distracts me. One way to get away from getting distracted by your phone is to switch it off and keep it in a drawer or anywhere far away from you. If you get distracted by your noises or anything else in your surroundings then try to find your perfect place maybe your own room or in your yard.

+ focus

How to focus? All you should do is remove everything unrelated to what you’re studying from your mind and take your time to do so. You won’t get anything in your head if you sat there looking at your book without concentrating.

+ ask help

It shouldn’t be a person, you can get some answers from websites or guides but I prefer asking someone help cause you can clear all your doubts at once.

+ short notes

I don’t know how many of you tried making aesthetic notes and did not fail cause I always find my myself losing enthusiasm and then end up writing plain ones. But anyway, it will seriously help you to revise everything before getting in the exam hall.

+ take a break

Taking a break every time you accomplish something is necessary, no joke. If you studied everything all at ones without resting then you’ll find yourself tired or you might even forget some of the stuff you studied. You can take 5-10 minutes break once in a while for eating something or hydrating yourself cause you’d always end up hungry after studying XD

Honestly, all these advices are coming from someone who had experienced all of the above so I can say that it is useful XD.

Till next time.. see ya!!

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2 thoughts on “exam season #2

  1. I’ve tried so many times to write aesthetic notes while in class. And then I realized people usually copy their ugly notes after class, haha. So, I did that last night. I only really copied the important ones but bruh, the notes look so much freaking better. Great tips! x

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