My february spread

Heyyy there everyone!! How’re you guys doing? Time flies and we don’t feel it. I can’t believe we’re in FEBRUARY, like man it’s the second month of 2019. I feel like this year is gonna be special but I won’t depend on that thought cause I believe that we’re the only ones who can make a year perfect by achieving our goals and moving forward.

As I said earlier, I would be posting my bujo setups for every month so now let’s hop into this post.

✧ my february spread ✧


Last month, my spread was a pink-theme so this month I planned to make it blue. I try my best to use bright colors cause it brightens my mood. I’ve been so busy, I couldn’t choose a better theme so I’ll stick to simple ones till spring maybe 🤷


I think I should add more doodles?


can’t believe it turned out to be cute?!💙

Even though it’s so simple its kinda attractive (look at me complimenting myself xD)

I didn’t except this post to be short but well it was all about graphics and stuff so till next time.. see ya!!

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