Monthly Recap— January

Hey there everyone!! Long time no see, aye? Can’t believe January ended already?! I felt like we’re in the middle of the year but we were still in January!! I was hella busy with exams and stuffs and I couldn’t concentrate in writing a blog post. January was a bit stressing because of exams and also fun. By the way, my exams already started already and this post was scheduled besides other monthly posts, so you won’t be expecting much post this month.

And now let’s hop into the post.


I don’t think I’ll have a lot to say about school since we had our exams once school reopened. I don’t know what I felt about it except that, I wasn’t prepared. I didn’t make a schedule like how I used to and my sleeping schedule was a huge mess— as I mentioned earlier in previous posts. I didn’t know where should I start and how should I study everything. I was in my holiday mood so I didn’t feel like doing anything but watch videos in youtube while I’m in bed. But whom am I kidding? Even if I can do that, I wouldn’t enjoy it fully, I’d feel like there’s something bugging me. Anyways, I had to log out of all my social media accounts even though I don’t use it much. But exams are stressing as always and when I don’t get stressed I feel like there’s something wrong. My finals starts on March and lasts for one whole month. God I can’t believe I’m gonna attend my finals after just ONE MONTH!! By the way, this final is the most important one and if I fail then everything will be over. I had all my focus on math since it’s the only subject in which I either fail in or I barely get a passing mark. I wish a miracle or something happens to make me get high grades.


I have a lot of stuff to talk about the songs I listened to this month. I made an attempt to listen to different artists and not stay in my circle of favorites. I downloaded Spotify in my phone, at last which made it easier for me to listen to different artists. I wanted to listen to those artists whom I never listened to before. First, I tried listening to Harry Styles’ songs since I never listened to his songs, like not even once. I didn’t listen to all songs in his album cause I’m not patient enough but I listened to most of them. The one that I like the most was: Sign of the Times, Woman & Kiwi, not to mention that they were kinda like soft rock and wow I never thought I’d like it. I also listened to billie ellish and honestly, I didn’t listen to billie ellish songs up until now. I hear people talk about her songs 24/7 but I never tried to listen to them and I don’t even know why. So anyway, I didn’t expect her voice to be so soft and calming. Even though calm voice is not usually my type but I somehow liked it anyways. You won’t believe me if I told you that my little sister listens to all genres of songs and to different artists, unlike me and I often ask her about artists. I always stick with particular artists like Selena Gomez, Alan Walker, Charlie Puth, Shawn Mendes, Zayn and sometimes Ariana Grande. I’m not so into rap and I didn’t try other genres so I only listen to pop and R&B. I usually don’t go on discovering new songs or artists. One, cause I’m not patient enough to listen to all their songs from beginning to end. Two, cause I listen to specific artists and I know I’ll always look for similar songs. But currently, I don’t even listen to music like how I used to. Maybe its because of my exams, or maybe because I’m currently damn obsessed with Zayn’s new album icarus falls and I even downloaded the whole album in my phone and it’s literally the only thing I play all the time. Honestly speaking, this is the only album I was excited for, like I was never excited about any other album. The lyrics touched my heart and his vocals are perfect as it always is! <33


I can say that this became an important section here.. :p



+ One thing by One Direction

Me and my little sister were listening different songs together and then I suggested listening to old songs so we started listening to all albums by one direction. Man the nostalgia T^T

+ Common by Zayn


Diary of a wimpy kid: Rodrick Rules

As usual we had a family movie night, it’s actually more like a siblings movie night since it’s just me, my sister and brother. Anyways, I was lucky enough for this movie to be aired. I don’t really watch wimpy kid movies, I just wait for it to be aired on T.V and luckily this movie came up. I didn’t expect this movie to be a good one since the events in the first two movies were not exactly like the one in the book but it was still funny so who cares xD. So, Rodrick Rules was hella funny.. not to mention that Rodrick is my favorite character from the book. But the movie was a bit different, it had some sad parts and a bit emotional in the end. I disliked that cause it’s diary of a wimpy kid and I expected it to be funny. Other than that, the movie was good and funny, like who won’t find Rodrick funny and kinda dumb at times xD.

Blog Post

I didn’t post much this month but I’m a bit proud of my posts (not boasting just happy :D) I made a theme for this month and included pink everywhere, from my bujo till my blogs templates. Anyways my favorite ones are:

My quotes from 2018

My first mood board

Plus these two posts got a huge number of likes and that makes me really happy.


I’ve to say that this quote was helpful

Cravings/ Food

This month most of our main dishes had potatoes included in it. My mom would cook for us potatoes like twice a week or something and I would get excited for lunch like crazy. I even cooked made my favorite dish of potatoes and tomato sauce. I made it thrice, I guess and it gets better everytime. My favorite dishes should be: potato curry and potato with tomato sauce. My mom knows how to cook indian food and when she does she makes it so spicy!!

Not to boast but I made this one and it was the best one I made so far


February Goals:

  • Score high marks in the current exam
  • Post at least 3 posts
  • Make a schedule for finals
  • Study every chapter before March

I know I won’t be able to achieve much goals. For the whole month I’ll focus on my academics cause its more important.

Previous Goals:

  • Post 5 blog posts at least ✔️
  • Post a video on YouTube (it’s about to be ready) ✔️
  • Complete my aim board
  • Decorate my study notes/books ✔️
  • Try buying new books
  • Post a cooking recipe
  • Make a booklist for 2019 ✔️

4/7 is okayy? I had many stuff in mind but I forgot about how dealing with studies makes me busy.

That’s all for now!! Till next time.. see ya!

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8 thoughts on “Monthly Recap— January

  1. Gurllll I can recognize the UAE landscape anywhere. Gates and midrise buildings – aah I’m nostalgic. Also, the potatoes you made look SO good – if my mom sees this, she’s gonna be like wow Bayance look at this teen cooking and here you are not able to even heat up bread on a stove. Shhh don’t tell her. Aah I was a mess too but I hope you do really well on your finals!!! Have a great February ❤

    Liked by 1 person

    1. WoW, I didn’t know you could recognize the landscapes😍. OMG thank you, it means a lot— haha practice makes perfect!! Don’t worry I won’t tell her xD.
      Thanks for reading my posts!!😭❤️ Have a great February too!❤️❤️

      Liked by 1 person

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