My bujo setup

Heyy there everyone!! Long time no see— I hope y’all are having a great time. Thankfully, my exams ended on sunday but I’ve been busy with homeworks and assignments throughout the week so I couldn’t stay around the blogosphere. I shouldn’t be having a lot of fun since exams are gonna start again exactly one week from now so I should be prepared. This post was pending in my drafts from a long time like ever since January 1st. I don’t know what made me hesitate to post this but well here it is now!! This post all about my bullet journal setup for the year. This post was inspired by Purely Ella ❤

My Bujo Setup


I LOVE THIS JOURNAL!! Plus the cover is purple which is my favorite color ❤ 💜


I use many symbols as you can see cause I love organizing my bujo for different events and tasks.


Last year I didn’t even use my index page. I keep forgetting to fill it but this year I made two pages for my index in an attempt to fill it up.


I’m proud of those little stickers I drew.. they’re so cutee ❤

I started my bujo on july of last year so it was my first time making an introduction of the year and thankfully I didn’t mess up while drawing all that.


Last year, I didn’t even have a future log so this is like a new step forward


This page is kept empty for now since I didn’t decide what all main resolutions I should include. I added little quote in the corner for some kind of motivation.


Thank God I didn’t mess up here..

This is the first page and the calendar of the month. I didn’t have a particular theme for this month so I made this month’s theme as pink.

So that’s it for now!! I love sharing my bujo setups so you’d expect more in the coming months insha’allah. Till next time.. see ya!!

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8 thoughts on “My bujo setup

  1. Whoa!! 💖 Your bullet journal is super cute! I love the style and your handwriting is goals for me! ✨ Every little detail is so intricate and pretty, I just love your bullet journal! 😂 Definitely taking some inspiration from you for my bullet journal in the future! Thanks for sharing, and great post,💚 Autumn x

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