My quotes from 2018

Hey everyone and.. Happy New Year!! I hope this year will be filled with happiness and success. Going through my bujo, I found many quotes I’ve written down when I was feeling down. I think I felt so from october onwards when I disappeared from blogosphere. Plus, those quotes were written down on the end of september, october, november and december, which means I’ll be sharing only four quotes. When I wrote these quotes, it seemed deep for me and they described what I exactly felt at that time. Surprisingly, that was the first time I described what feel by writing it down so it means a lot to me to share it here.

Now have fun!!


“Listen, take a deep breath and believe in God, he won’t disappoint you!”

This was when school reopened after summer break and since I wasn’t ready for it.


“You might feel like you don’t fit in a society and even if that’s true maybe the problem is not you. Maybe it’s the people in that society who don’t know how to appreciate your talent. Maybe you’re just too good to be in such societies. You’re precious in many ways”

This was when I had many thoughts in mind. Talking about society is not like me, but I had this thoughts after reading some articles. In a way, I wanted to change some society, to make them appreciate everyone and not judge them.


“You might feel excluded, ignored, abandoned. But don’t even underestimate yourself. Just because you can’t speak up and express what’s inside your mind, doesn’t mean that they’re better than you. You have many amazing things in you that people can’t see because they don’t try to. If people don’t appreciate you, then maybe you should move on. Change wherever you are never change yourself for them, for their sake. You deserve to be with people who care about what you say, what you feel, people who would listen to you and hear you out all the time”

This was when I was so emotional about everything around me. I don’t even know why. I felt like I was being underestimated. I don’t express every single thing in my mind but I do have people to understand me. But sometimes I get the feeling that I’m alone and that’s what I actually felt throughout that month.


“There were things that changed me, made me who I am now.. if I continued to be like this then I might get better. Thanks 2018 for all the lessons and experiences. Hope 2019 be better, insha’allah”

This one was to recap 2018 and I even wrote two pages about what I did, what I achieved, what I’m proud of, what new stuffs I grew fond of and what change did I adapt. I was kinda emotional when I wrote that down on new year at 4:30 am. I felt like I shouldn’t delay it. With these words I ended 2018 and my journal as well.

I might post a blog or two next week before I disappear because of my exams. Till next time.. See ya!

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