Gift ideas ˚🎁˳°✧

Hey there everyone!!! I hope y’all are having a great day just like me. I was planning to go out with my best friend and I wanted to buy her a late birthday gift. I think this idea came up at the right moment since I was struggling to think of a right gift and today is Christmas eve so this blog is right in time aye? even though I don’t celebrate christmas. Many ideas came up to my mind.. I wanted a simple, memorable, special and literally anything that would make it seem perfect XD. But every gift I think of turns to be a good one and that made it harder for me to choose.. anyways

Let’s just hop into the post!!!

1. Friendship bracelet (or necklace)

What I thought was to buy two bracelet with the letter ‘A’ hanging since both of us have the same first letter in our names.. woah now that’s friendship goals right? 😂 But honestly speaking, this one is a good one and even though it seems simple yet its valuable.

2. A mug

This one is so cute and can be found everywhere plus it’s affordable haha.

3. A painting

Here’s a little fact: I don’t know how to paint as much as I know how to sketch. Funny, isn’t it? I tried painting but I didn’t complete it yet so.. Anyways, if you’re good at painting you can give one as a gift since it’ll be handmade and damn creative.

4. Makeup

Okay! I’m not a huge fan of makeup like I don’t even put on make up except once and that was just some foundation and lipstick. I can’t even stand staying in make up stores for so long, it kinda irritates me. Anyways, I found that buying your friend some simple cosmetics like lip gloss or eye linear or maybe nail polish?.. can be nice. But my friend is not a make up fan like me (no wonder why we’re best friends 😂) so.. I didn’t consider it.

5. Perfume

OMG!! This one is really cool.. you know the small and cute ones? Yeah!! They’re really my thing!! I love them😍. But here, the emarati perfumes are the best.. like the scent stays for a really long time.

This is seriously an old pic like since last year.. I guess? xD

6. Electronics

If you have a friend who’s so into electronics then you should consider buying them stuffs like: a phone case, headphones or earphones, or even a pop socket will be a good idea.

7. Pillow

To me, gifting my bestfriend a pillow is still the best idea. Like she’ll get to see it before she sleeps and after she wakes up, I mean that’s so cute right?

And here are the other ideas:

8. Watch

9. Stationary (like a sketchbook, calligraphy pen, set of brush pens)

10. A book

11. Shirt (or jacket)

12. Scented candles

13. A calendar (maybe with some inspiring quotes)

14. Fairy lights

15. Sunglasses (or fake glasses)

This post took literally two days to be completed— one whole day gone for writing and the other for checking the mistakes and so on.

I hope y’all enjoyed reading! Merry Christmas in advance🎄🎅✨ (for those who are celebrating). Much love.. see ya!!

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